Monday, August 9, 2010


Well it appears that despite failing to win after making two final tribal councils, Russell Hantz has indeed left his mark on Survivor and has changed how the game will be played regarding the use of hidden immunity idols that he so famously scarfed up like he would a box of Oreos. Survivor host Jeff Probst has publicly acknowledged that starting with the Nicaragua editions, hidden immunity idols will be much more difficult to find and also have les clues given out on its whereabout. There was no word on whether how often they would be put in play however.

Analysis: I am definately glad to hear this because I have stated many times on here how ridiculous the hidden immunity idols were getting last season. Many of you agreed with me as I put up a poll asking if the hidden idols were ruining the sanctity of the show which 62 percent of you say YES to. I thought it was amazing how Russell systematically gathered up all the idols in S19 and believed at the time it was a decent storyline. However Heroes VS Villains got downright ridiculous with all of those idols and it had a huge impact on the game which it shouldnt have had. I have always said that one or at most two idols should be hidden in play and not reinserted into the game once they are played. We have gotten too far from what Survivor really was supposed to be all about. I think finally Probst and Mark Burnett are getting the memo here.

What do you all think about the hidden idols? Too much of a good thing? Get rid of them altogether?

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