Monday, August 30, 2010


The Phillipines version of Survivor kicked off last week with their "Celebrity Edition." All of the celbrities involved are local personalities that no one would recognize in the United States but its interesting that other edition of Survivor have undertaken this concept whereas the original U.S. version has failed to do so. Creator Mark Burntt and even Jeff Probst have stated too mnay times to count that there will not be a celebrity edition so there goes that thought. I am sure behind the scenes however that these two will pay attention to the Phillipines edition in order to see if this is really worth doing.

Analysis: All in all I have said that I dont want a celebrity edition of Survivor because what you would likely get are B-list celebrities or past their prime personalities like you see on Celebrity Apprentice. No thank you. I dont think this will ever happen so dont lose sleep over it.

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