Thursday, April 28, 2011


We are down to six active players in the Murloni tribe with 4 others at Redemption Island. Lets take a look at how everyone currently stacks up.

1. Boston Rob: I still think Rob made a potentially game-costing move in not voting out Andrea. I dont trust her and I think she is very sneaky and a better player than she is being given credit for. I can totally see her stabbing Rob in the back as its been hinted at already through a few episodes in passing. Trust me we have been shown these clips for a reason.

2. Natalie: I still think Natalie picks up the pieces if Rob doesnt win but I cant see her stabbing him in the back. Depending on how many people come back from Redemption Island, her vote may not be needed so it will be interesting to see.

3. Grant: Grant deserves the million dollars as he has been a beast in challenges and made quick friends with Rob which helped him go far adn was smart. I still think he too will decide he is done with Rob very soon and that could get him the dough when the smoke clears.

4. Andrea: I am starting to get this nagging suspicion that Andrea could actually win the game. Her edit is picking up and she is a pivitol player for sure. I really do think she will be the one along with Matt if he gets back to dump Rob.

5. Ashley: She has been a non-entity despite going far. At least Phillip has been interesting.

6. Phillip: The most undeserving player remaining in the game but Rob is totally smart for taking him this far. Its a perfect buffer and distraction while he gets it done behind the scenes.

7. Matt: Still think Matt deserves the money if he gets back in it yet again. I mean how can you not after dealing with all he has had to deal with? Talk about long odds and fighting to stay in the game.

8. Mike: I hope Mike gets back in because he is easy to root for. It could happen and if it does than he too sees a very solid chance of winning the cash.

9. Ralph: Ralph is a big dumbass and nothing more. He has no strategic game and will not get any consideration to win it.

10. Steve: Steve had a chance to do something with the girls but they wanted none of it. Either way he was a great guy who wont factor much in the end it looks like. Good effort by an older player.

So thats how I see it. Let me know what you think.

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