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All right commentary first and than the wrapup....PSYCH!....just the opposite. Lets gets to it.

Things begin at Redemption Island as Matt prays to God about how he wants out of the game but will stay if HE wants him to remain there. David than walks in to his surprise and Mike's as well. The three sit and talk about what will happen next.

The next day at Murlonio the tribe is cooking fish as Steve claims he wasnt ready to go yet. The 3 Zapatera talk about the TC the night before as they hear Phillip mumbling something while he sits by himself. Later on we see Phillip meditating and he discusses his belief in Buddhism.

Back at camp the 3 Zapatera are eating rice which ticks off Phillip. He tells the other Ometepe's about this and Phillip decides to take some rice for his tribe. The tree mail arrives as they are summoned to see the duel. They all have to go to Redemption Island soon they competitors are brought in. The challenge centers on the three having to use 150 wodden tiles to build a house of cards. The first two to reach 8 feet move on. The loser leaves and becomes first member of jury. As always making a long challenge short, the two winners are soon shown to be Mike and Matt with David out of it.

Back at camp we see the tribe eating again as they see bugs in their rice. They soon separated the magnets and realize their rice is going to sit out on a blanket asthe Zapatera's wont allow them to put their rice in their bucket. Phillip flips out over this and he and Steve start arguing. He also trheatens to hide their bucket as thigns continue to get heateed there. He soon makes it a black and white thing which offends even his own tribe. He even throws out the N-word which continues with the depths of the battle. Steve soon tells Rob the Zapatera 3 are all voting for Phillip as he tries to convince them to do the same.

Soon we have the immunity challenge where each member of the tribe has to build a puzzle wheel where they race to release a puzzle base and solve the puzzle. First six move on and go onto a second wheel puzzle. First person to complete that portion win immunity. As always making a long challenge short, Rob wins immunity.

After the challenge, the Zapatera 3 begin their search for two Ometepe's to come over to their side and boot Phillip. Julie soon hides Phillip's shorts in the process. He goes to look for them and realizes that something is up. He says he can play that game. Rob however still seems to be in on keeping Phillip around but he acknowledges there is room to vote him out. They arrive at TC and making a long session short, we see Julie get sent to Redemption Island by a count of 6-3 with Phillip getting the other votes.

Now for the commentary:

Wow where do I start. The vote is a good place and really I was shocked to see Julie go over Steve, Why Ometepe would want to keep the combustible mix of Phillip and Steve together for another few days is a shock. I was actually upset to see Julie go. You all know I touted her as my sleeper for the season and I felt bad that she needed the money since she was going through a divorce and her house was in foreclosure. She was not the right choice at all but whats done is done.
-Now for the Phillip-Steve battle. First of all we all know Phillip is a lunatic. Thats goes without saying. What he did in this episode however was purely ridiculous and offensive. The victim in all of this was Steve who he was labled a racist which was obviously not the case. Thatas one of the worst accusations you can make about someone and I felt terrible that he has to see this played out on television. Now no one will believe what Phillip had to say but to still have that out there has got to be humiliating and its not fair. Steve is as decent a guy as you can get and I have all the respect in the world for him for not clocking Phillip one after being subjected to this. It was downright pathetic and sad to see.
-While watching that whole Phillip tirade, it struck me that Survivor and Burnett himself should take a big hit here for even casting Phillip. The guy had no chance to realistically win Survivor from the very beginning and so its clear he was put on the show just for entertainment purposes. I have a big problem with his and have screamed over the years about how Survivor has moved away from casting die-hards who have an idea of what the game is all about and how to behave to selecting people based on their looks or outrageouss behavior. Clearly that is what happened with Phillip as he was put on the show just for the kind of outbursts we see every week and yeah its funny to watch.....for an episode or two. Now that we are 10 episodes in, its beyond annoying and is a major distraction to the game. It doesnt look like things will change from this repsect so whatever. It is a major drop in quality of contestants for sure. Very disappointing to see.
-The immunity challenge was horrendous. Two puzzles and thats it? I know there are budget cuts but this was stupid. Rob was destined to win that anyway with his puzzle history.
-Its clear now that Ometepe will wipe out Zapatera and than decide it on their own. And to me the only way Rob doesnt get to the final and win is if Grant doesnt align with the three girls and boot him. They obviously cant bring Phillip into any kind of alliance to oust Rob since he is so out of control which leaves this as the only option and its very realistic. Natalie would have her alliance with Rob tested but she has to know this is the correct move. I hope it doesnt happen though as Rob deserves this as he has owned the game.
-I wonder if Ralph can spell his name.
-David was a real chump in his Survivor stay and he really made zero imprint on it. He was pretty funny with his facial expression upon seeing Phillip walk by.
-Julie stealing Phillip's shorts was hysterical and I was surprised she admitted it. How stupid Phillip must have felt to use his "federal agent" schtick to say Steve did it.
-I watched a video the other day of the first Survivor and Probst was so nervous and boring back than. He is the best at what he does now and always makes the TC's interesting. Happy he stayed put here.

Thats all for now everyone. Post your thoughts below. Rankings tomorrow and more. Until than keep smiling.

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