Thursday, April 21, 2011


Julie sadly gets sent away to Redemption Island and so we are left with 8 players over on the "mainland." Lets break it down as far as who the current favorites are to take home the dough.

1. Boston Rob: I dont really have to waste your time telling you every week that Rob is dominating the game because its so obvious. He won immunity this week which was big since he didnt have to use the idol (and he wouldnt have had to use it anyway) and he continues to slide through with the others not realizing their best move is to take him out now while they have the chance. I honestly feel the others are all intimidated by him since no one seems to want to make a move yet. Great game all around Rob.

2. Natalie: I am really starting to think its either he or Rob who wins it. I cant make a case for anyone else except maybe Matt if he comes back yet again. You would have to give serious props to soemone who kept winning at that clip. Natalie can be there to pick up the pieces if there is a bitter jury but honestly is anyone who has been voted out yet that will be on the jury outside of Rob really going to not give him the money out of anger or insult? No!

3. Grant: Still waiting for the expected Grant move against Rob. I said it yesterday and I will say it again. At some point he will ask the three girls to take out Rob with him if they go to the final six and it will be up to Natalie to decide to keep her word with Rob and go for a tie or take the sure path to the final four. Me thinks she stabs him in the back.

4. Andrea: Andrea remains a small threat herself to win as she has made no enemies and could be there to benefit if things break down with Rob-Natalie-Grant.

5. Ralph: All right so Ralph is a doofus. We all know that. But if any remaining Zapatera can win it (not talking about whether Julie or Mike get back in the game), it could be Ralph since there will be lots of Zapatera on the jury.

6. Steve: Felt bad for Steve this week after being unfairly called a racist and I cant see him reaching the end. He has nothing to draw on as far as being one who deserves the money either.

7. Ashley: Ashley is annoying me lately and she amazes me with her uselessness. Nothing happening here for her.

8. Phillip: Yeah whatever. The guy is a circus act who just keeps on going. Truly a joke with this guy here.

9. Matt: Matt continues to win and he has the real chance of getting the money if he can somehow keep winning. We obviously cant count him out.

10. Mike: I am glad Mike stuck around another week as he is a class act and deserved better. If he also gets back in the game, he instantly becomes a co-favorite with Rob.

11. Julie: Sorry to see her go too but thats the game. She is tough and can hold her own with the guys so we'll see.

Thats how I see them ranked. Let me know if you disagree. Post below. Let the ddebate begin.

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