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Lets gets the wrapup out of the way and than hit the commentary.

Things start off back at Redemption Island as Matt talks about how naive he is in the game. He is amazed how he was blindsided twice by the same people. He goes back to hie faith and believes its all being done for a reason.

The next day back at Murlonio camp, the Zapatera talk about how smart it was about how Rob orchestrated Matt's ouster. David is especially impressed and compares it to a mob hit. Mike also congratulates him on it directly and they all realize how much in trouble they are. Julie realizes their is no breaking that group as Ralph asks Ashley and Natalie if he is on the block. He continues to try and get answers from the girls and they are not having it. Rob eventually tells the Ometepe's about how no one can talk strategy with the Zapatera's and that they wont decide on who goes until its time to figure it out. He also wants his tribe to hate Zapatera as they try to make it obvious. Later Natalie tells Rob about the convo that Ashley and Ralph had and how she wasnt going to tell Rob about it. Rob now decides that Ashley wont go to the end now because she didnt tell him this.

The tribe than goes to the immunity challenge as Phillips talks about how out of thin air a feather fell from the sky for him. Probst tells the tribe about how they will dig to retrieve a club to smash a tile. The first six move on where they have to gather water in their mouth and spit it into a tube. Top three goes onto a final puzzle where the winner gets immunity. The final three are Grant, Mike and David. It comes down to the puzzle where Grant wins immunity.

Back at camp, a storm comes in as Mike notes how close he was to immunity. He talks about how one of the Zapatera five are going. They notice that there flagpole has moved in their search for an idol. This catches the attention of Ometepe as they start digging themselves. Rob starts to worry about whether or not they got it. He than asks the others about who they should target and it seems they are debating between David or Mike. They soon go into TC where it will be decided. As always making a long TC short, Mike gets voted out by a tally of 6-5 with Phillip getting the Zapatera tallies.

Back at camp Rob tells Phillip he is on top with him and he realizes that he is the guy to take to the end of the game along with Natalie. The next day Phillip realizes what is going on but dont make much of it right now/ David meanwhile tells Ralph he wants to make a move to save themselves. They talk to Phillip and try to tell him how Rob is in control. It goes nowhere which leads to the next challenge which is for immunity and reward. Each person has to hang upside down from a pole over water and the last person hanging wins immunity. They all get a shot to decide whether they want to fight for immunity of eat cheeseburgers which Steve and Phillip are the only two to decide to sit out. Again making a long challenge short, Andrea wins immunity after Natalie and Ashley let her have it.

After the challenge, Rob is happy someone from his tribe won immunity while Ralph discovers that a batch of fish has washed up on the beach. The fish are dead to which Rob says they cant be eaten. The Zapatera eat up while the Ometepe watch, with Grant wanting to eat. Grant soon goes over to eat some and talks about how he is a big boy and can make his own decisions. Rob than concludes that its either Steve or David at the next TC. They soon all head to TC where David gets the boot by a 6-4 count with Rob getting the Zapatera tallies. So on and on it goes.

Wow an unexpected double boot tonight which was fun to watch. Lots to get to in the wrapup so lets begin here.

-Like I predicted, the Ometepe will use the hammer of being up in numbers and it was absolutely the right move to knock off Mike and than David. Its rare when a tribe actually takes advantage of the numbers but with an experienced leader like Boston Rob being there for advice, the made the correct moves there.
-The vote for Mike over the other Zapatera's was the right call first over David as he had two things that were worrisome for Rob. He was a physical threat in challenges and also a well-liked player. Now either he or Matt will go home after the Redemption Island duel which eliminates one big threat to Rob. In regards to Mike, I was a bit sad to see him go as he was a class act all the way and really could have done better but ended up on the wrong side of the numbers.
-Now as far as David was concerned, he was a jackass who needed to go. He too had a lot of potential though as a strategist and a strong brain but he too failed to make a stamp on the game.
-The Zapatera five were crying sour grapes when they referred to Boston Rob turning his tribe into a cult. The funny thing is that they all wanted him on their tribe instead of Russell and now they are criticizing him. Thats classic frustration talking here.
-Julie, Ralph, and Steve are in big trouble no doubt but they might get a reprieve next week. Let me explain. It looks like Phillip goes on one of his classic tantrums and depending on how offensive it is (and we already see its a black/white thing which is never good) the Ometepe's might just decide to pull an Ogakor and kick Phillip out since they wont lose their advantage if he is out. Remember in Australia, the Ogakor's booted Jerri Manthey under similar circumstances and still held their numbers advantage. Just saying.
-Now looking at things strategically from Boston Rob's angle, he is completely correct in wanting to take Phillip to the end with Natalie. Grant would get votes since he is a nice guy and a challenge monster so he is out and Ashley blew her trust with Rob by not wanting to tell him about her chat with Ralph. Andrea is also likable who hasnt ruffled feathers so she is out. Hence we have Natalie who he pledged to and crazy Phillip. Right call there. He would only have to worry about Natalie and thats it as far as winning.
-Another big thing is the fact that Rob still has his hidden immunity idol which is huge. I thought he was going to have to use it at the merge but he got through that fine and through two more councils. So he has the numbers and the idol. Its getting very hard to imagine that he wont make the final three with all those weapons. One word of caution though: I noticed that Rob is starting to act a bit overconfident and smug. That cost him dearly when it came to the finale of All Stars so for his sake he better make sure history doesnt repeat itself. Clearly though this is the most complete and dominant Survivor performance that I have ever seen. Not even close for second place.
-One thing that was interesting was the edit showing Grant acting defiant against Rob when it came to eating the fish. A hint at whats to come? Keep that stored away in your memory bank. I think it might have some meaning. Beward Rob.
-The only way I can see Rob getting knocked off is if the three girls convince Phillip or Grant to defect and it entirely possible it happens. Thats why its so huge that he has the idol.
-Still cant believe Steve sat out the challenge. Dont have any respect for those who dont fight to stay in the game.
-Julie my girl keep fighting.
-Imagine if Phillip wins? If he does I am going to start thinking that this 2012 crap is legit.

Thats all for now people. Check back tomorrow for rankings and such. Post your thoughts below.

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