Wednesday, April 27, 2011


All right we are heading down the homestretch. Wrapup first and than the commentary.

Things start off back at Murlonio as they all talk about how crazy TC was. Steve and Phillip shook hands but Phillip didnt think it was sincere. He also notes how it was a surprise that Julie was knocked out. Rob also talks about how he intends to bring Phillip to the end of the game as a sure fire opponent to defeat.

The bext day back at camp Phillip had a premonition which would lead him to his shorts. Soon he wound up finding them as he tells the rest of the camp about his discovery. Back over at Redemption Island, Julie talks to Mike and Matt about their place in the game. Mike notices how Matt seems to be depressed and at his breaking point. Mattt goes down to the beach and thinks about throwing in the towel with the tears coming out. The duel beckons as Julie sees Phillip has found his shorts. The competition is Survivor shuffle board where the first two who land all three of their pucks in the end zone stay around. Loser goes to the jury with David. As always making a long challenge short, Mike and Matt win the challenge, sending Julie on her way.

Back at camp, the Ometepe talk about Matt and his behavior during the challenge. Andrea talks about how she played him and figures out that he is mad at her. Grant and Rob talk about how they should get Andrea out first when it comes time to do it. That leads in to the immunity challenge where each member has to compete in a log roll tournament. Last person standing wins immunity and reward. Again making a long challenge short, Grant defeats Ralph in the last round to win immunity and reward. Grant picks Rob to eat the cake from the reward along with Andrea. There is also a twist that the tribe cant open and must bring to the TC that night.

Back at camp, the tribe starts to figure out what the package is. Paranoia runs rampant as they start guessing what the deal is. Ralph is hoping he gets a lifeline from the package which the others guess is a batch of cards. Rob concludes that Ralph has to go since he is still mentally in the game unlike Steve. Rob than tells Ashley and Natalie what he and Grant discussed about Andrea and also tells them its Ralph and if there is a twist where they have to knock someone else out than it would be Andrea.

We than see Steve telling the girls that he and Ralph are voting out Rob and that he says this could be their big game moment to get him out. Ashley and Natalie wind up telling Rob what was discussed. This causes Rob to think maybe he should boot Steve after all and spare Andrea. They than head over to the tribal council where the mystery will be exposed to everyone. The votes are cast as Steve continues to try and get the girls to vote their way and get rid of Rob. Ralph gets voted out however by a count of 6-2. The twist is than revealed where the remaining member have to do yet another immunity challenge right at TC and vote someone else out.

Each member is given a bunch of cards and they have to use them to repeat symbols that Probst shows them. Whoever gets the most right wins. It turns out Rob wins immunity and the vote is on without talking. Steve winds up going home as Zapatera loses their last member. The Ometepe Six make it through and will now decide things on their own.

Now for the all-important commentary.

-The Ometepe Six stuck together and you can debate that all you want. Getting rid of Ralph first was the correct move as he was a much bigger threat than Steve. However the twist was where I think they all screwed up. Rob and Grant were worried about Andrea and her feelings for Matt and I said all along they should boot her ass in order to eliminate the threat of the two of them hooking up again. Rob should have made this clear to the other Ometepe's before the went to TC so they were all prepared but he made his first mistake here. Getting rid of Steve who didnt have a leg to stand on was a bad move and he likely realized this when they all stayed true with the first vote in getting rid of Ralph and that there was no need to worry about defections. Now the real possibility exists of the girls hooking up with Grant to boot Rob out or some other combination with the Redemption Island people. Many possibilities here for Rob to get into trouble but he could have eliminated one big roadblock here but didnt for some reason. This could be the thing that he looks back on if he doesnt make it to the end of the game.
-Probst bringing up the Lex incident with Rob brought back some bad memories I had for the guy. What Rob did to Lex that season was beyond tasteless and was one of the reasons why I hated the guy so much back than. Of course my opinions have changed as Rob is a much more likable guy this time around but that was a trio down memory lane that I didnt want to take. I have to say though that Rob's answer about still being true to Amber was perfect there.
-Redemption Island is mad crowded. Have no clue what the future holds there. Two people back in? One? Lots of possibilities over there.
-Matt...what can you say? You really are witnessing something special there. What he has accomplished on Redemption Island is one of the most awesome performances I have ever seen in the history of the show. And yes he could easily win if he gets to the end as he has made big bonds with Zapatera who will make up the majority of the jury.
-Phillip finding his shorts after a premonition was something. The guy is in fact crazy but that was impressive. Unreal he is in the final six.
-Rob talking on the previews about all of his work down the drain was interesting. First before I get to that, I firmly believe Rob wins next week's immunity challenge. His reaction totally looks like someone who won and he is sitting at the top of that contraption they are doing the challenge on. So that brings me to the previews. If Rob has the idol, the other will be going after Phillip and that leads Rob to make the comment about all his work going down the drain. It makes total sense in that how does he try to convince the girls that this is the way to go? Thats my take on it.
-So what happens next with the Ometepe Six? I said weeks ago that if they were to finally make a move against Rob, it would be Grant and the girls doing it. Phillip will stick with Rob and thats that. Now you know I am rooting for Rob all the way and he deserves it but looking at things in regards to what the right move would be, its clear that they have to get Rob out or else he will sail to the end of the game. Grant is smarter than he looks and I really think he knows this already. Ashley also made an interesting comment today that the show was shown to us in that she said the plan that Steve talked about in getting rid of Rob could work if they got Andrea involved. An omen for what comes next? Very good possibility here.
-The twist was something I thought they would have done in a much earlier season. I talked about this a few years ago about how neat it would be to do a surprise TC where the tribes wouldnt have a chance to talk things through. It wasnt every dramatic tonight but there were many variables at play that could have happened.
-I miss you Julie. Great job altogether.

Thats all for now. Check back tomorrow for the rankings. Ciao.


  1. I think Rob is overrated.

    This is his forth. And each time he played, he made one archenemy at least.

    Marquesas - JOHN. John outplayed him. Rob created unnecessary drama and came out with a lot of scheming but failed. His social skill was atrocious. Kathy executed the plan so perfectly well to break the 4 former Rotu's alliance.

    All Star - LEX. He outplayed Lex. But they started to become 'enemy' when Lex almost certain to leave the game. But he won. That's what matters.

    H vs V - Russel. Russel outplayed him.

    RI - Russel. But he has no involvement in getting rid of Russel. So its not counted.

    I will be impressed if this is his first. But this is his fourth. Plus, he got 3 bimbos and 1 lunatic in his tribe(definitely will go to survivor history as the most dysfunctional tribe ever).

    He is one of the most strategic players among MANY others.

    Other veterans can be as good if not better than him if they got the chance.

    3 tries - (1) didn't even make it to merge. (1) didn't make it to jury. (1) make it to final two but lost. And most importantly,

    (0) win.

    Based on this statistic, how can people consider him as the most strategic player ever?

  2. Rob is certainly not overrated. And this is coming from someone who used to hate his guts. We all know he was the real winner in All Stars as he ran that game. Amber won in a vindictive vote. The same could be said for Russell in Samoa so its not a Rob/Russell thing. What made Rob so great is that unlike Russell he changed his approach to the game and was less confrontational. We all saw how that worked for Russell. Rob did what he said. He kicked his ass. It may not have been directly but in the overall game he terribly outperformed the guy.