Friday, April 8, 2011


So Matt gets back into the game....and than out of the game. It was a crazy episode eight of Survivor Redemption Island and the biggest result was the fact Boston Rob came out of the merge TC holding onto his hidden immunity idol. So once again he paces the field in the latest rankings with some intriguing names following behind.

1. Boston Rob: I said early last week that it was a huge vote for Boston Rob's chances to go far in the game and he came out of it unscatched and in great shape. He held onto his hidden immunity and he successfully broke up the Andrea-Matt bond by convincing her to vote for him, and ultimately got the thorn in his side Matt out of the game once again. Could you imagine if he finds the second immunity idol? If he does than just write the check.

2. Natalie: Natalie winning immunity was huge for her chances to eventually win since she now has something to put to her name when she faces a jury. Rob might want to re-think taking her to the end and instead pick Ashley if this keeps up.

3. Grant: Somewhere down the line Rob and Grant are going to have to part ways and we started seeing a glimpse of this in the previews for next week's episode. I think thats a bunch of bull since Grant would be foolish to throw away the 6-5 advantage in numbers but Rob knows he is a big contender adn must not allow him to reach the finals.

4. Mike: I think Mike is on the chopping block next but whoi knows. He clearly has a strategic mind and the likability factor is a double whammy when it comes to Rob finding who is the biggest threat at Zapatera.

5. Julie: She continues to hum along and is not in any jeopardy other than being down in numbers which I always says is overrated.

6. Andrea: She makes her way back up the rankings in ditching Matt and showing Rob she is a loyal Ometepe member.

7. David: I think David is going to make his move soon. Cant you just see Rob ditching Grant and substituting David instead? Could happen.

8. Ashley: I cant see anyone giving her the money in the end but she is in the majority alliance and there is that.

9. Ralph: Ralph gave away his idol which causes him to fall fast. His mouthy and annoying style could make him the easier choice to go over Mike.

10. Steve: Steve has his neck on the line as well and its a coin flip right now as to whether its he or Mike. Ometepe was all set to vote him out until the last minute change to Matt so they could go back to the well here next week.

11. Phillip: This guy is a piece of work. Just hanging around and being stupid as always.

12. Matt: He goes right back to the last spot in the rankings now that he is back on Redemption Island. Will take a ton for him to get back into it as I cant see him having that kind of winning streak again.

Thats how I see it. As always your opinions are welcome.

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