Thursday, February 24, 2011


Episode two took out Matt in a huge surprise and so he heads to Redemption Island where he figures to be a big favorite over Francesca in the challenge. Anyway some moves up and down the rankings were seen after last night so lets get right to it.

1. Rob: Who else but Rob could be the favorite after pulling off the move he made last week. Yeah Andrea will be pissed but she cant do anything about it. He has a firm four person alliance with Grant, Ashley, and Natalie and Phillip is his personal pawn. He has a lot of tools at his disposal.

2. Natalie: Natalie has become the CHOSEN ONE for Rob as the girl he will out on his back and take to the end. One thing about Rob since All Stars is that he has been pretty loyal to those he pledges to (Amber, Tyson, Sandra) so she is looking to go for awhile in this game and is a true darkhorse to watch out for here.

3. Ralph: Having the hidden immunity idol does wonder for Ralph as he goes into battle with Russell. He is the happy go lucky farm boy that the rest of the tribe outside of Russell and barbies seem to like. If he can survive the battle with Russell, he stands a great chance.

4. Ashley: Another in the Core Four alliance with Rob, Ashley is pretty under the radar which will take her pretty far.

5. Mike: I still think Mike is one to watch in Zapatera as everyone has respect for someone who went to Iraq twice and he seems like a very nice person as well which will go over well with a jury.

6. Grant: The guy is tough as nails and very athletic and hanging with Rob has its benefits.

7. David: We havent seen much of David which leads me to believe there is a story waiting to unfold here. Stay tuned.

8. Gary: Another guy who is a nice, older type that usually does well on Survivor (Roger, Pasqal, Bob) but much more athletic than people realize. Under the radar for a guy which is rare.

9. Julie: Nothing much doing here either and she seems to be the strongest older woman in the game so she should stay around longer than Sarita if it comes to kicking out an older chick.

10. Sarita: She was mentioned due to her poor performance in the challenge but I doubt the rest of the group will kick her off before Russell and his crew are taken out.

11. Andrea: She is a very strong, outdoors chick but she better get over Matt being gone fast or else her ass is next. Rob wont be patient with that nor should he. Crying over someone you just met six days ago? Please.

12. Russell: Yes I have Russell very low and its for two reasons. The rest of the tribe already hates him and without the immunity idol, he is basically going into a fight with his hands tied behind his back. Whether he comes back in off Redemption Island is another story but for now he is not in a good spot.

13. Krista: Stephanie would be the first of the Barbie Twins to go since she has a big mouth and no one cares about Krista but she made a bad move going with Russell. I dont understand these girls. Why align with the biggest scumbag in the game, especially now that his game has been revealed unlik in H VS. V. She is not helping her stereotype.

14. Phillip: Phil moves up a few spots now that he is Rob's lapdog. Rob will use him for all he is worth if he is smart and than dump him. Good idea to use his vote for now.

15. Stephanie: Still expect her to go home right away of Zapatera loses. Cant stand her facial expressions.

16. Kristina: She has no more idol and no is bye bye unless Andrea cant be controlled.

17. Matt: He should beat Francesca.

18. Francesaca: Sorry its not getting better for her.

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