Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Episode 2 of Survivor Redemption Island is on tap for tonight and judging by how great the first episode was (and most of you seem to agree based on the poll), there is great anticipation for what the sequel will be. Based on the previews it looks like a battle is brewing between Russell and Ralph which should be good. Ralph doesnt look lik he takes crap from anyone and seems like a fun dude. Of course we all know that those who tangle with Russell usually find themselves on the fast track home so he could be in trouble. With that lets see what could be in store on each tribe for tonight.


Clearly its either Phillip or Kristina tonight, with the former the more likely one to go since Kristina can play the idol. There is almost no way anyone else goes as Rob since there seems to be an alliance in place between Rob, Grant, Matt, Ashley, Andrea, and Natalie. The six of them hatched the split vote plan (and they actually carries it out....taking notes Tyson?) and Rob in particular seems to be tight with Natalie based on previews. So Kristina will play the idol and Phillip goes.


Things seemed straightforward in that Stephanie was the obvious choice to go based on her confessional at the very beginning of episode one regarding if Russell picks her to align with, than she will go. The rest of the tribe seemed to zero in on how she and Russell are hanging out so they could make a pre-emptive strike and take out his alliance right away. I dont see them booting Russell yet though. Ralph is the other option since he seems to butt heads with Russell and those who do that go home. Still I think Stephanie goes in the end as I cant see the tribe seeing it as a better idea to kick off Ralph over her.

There you have it. Enjoy the show as always. Check back after for the wrapup and commentary. Polls will be up also.

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