Thursday, February 17, 2011


Once again I will be bringing you my updated Survivor rankings each week and we begin today by handicapping ALL 18 players, including the kicked out Francesca. Of course this early in the game, its really a crapshoot at this point as we havent really been shown a good deal of the others but this is how I see it early on.

1. Mike: Everyone loved the ex-Marine storyline and he seems like a very nice individual as well which is a nice combo to have. His strength is a big asset as well and he is already clued into Russell's game so he gets the early top notch nod.

2. Andrea: This chick gets it done and she has a vast experience in the outdoors. Instead of Philip telling her what to do, she should have given him advice. On top of that she is damn hot.

3. Grant: One of the two ex-football players in the game, Grant has the goods as well. Not much was shown as far as his character is concerned, but he is one to watch.

4. Sarita: She is another one who is clued in on Russell's game so at the very least she has a good head for the game. She is older but she looks incredibly fit so dont think she goes early.

5. Steve: The other ex-football player in the game, I was shocked to see how ripped the guy is at an older age. Definately one of the more fit older players we have seen on the show. Also seems like one of those older Tom Westman types that people gravitate to.

6. Rob Mariano: I have Rob this high due to the fact it seems the majority of the tribe respects him while those on Russell's tribe fear him. He already has layed down the gauntlet on Kristina and he will get her out before you know it. Tough break on the challenge but it was not indicative of his leadership.

7. Ashley: Rumors are that Ashley and Rob hook up in an alliance so she has to be considered someone to watch. She seemed a bit air-headed in the first episode but its still very early.

8. Natalie: The first girl that stood out who can play the under the radar game and go far. She hardly got any airtime on the first episode which is usually an indication of going places.

9. Krista: Another under the radar type. Same description as above.

10. Matt: Young buck has his place in the game for awhile but he also seems a bit airy as well. Also he seems to be a very religious fellow which is fine but in Survivor those types who get preachy dont do too well.

11. David: There are a ton of lawyers in the game so there should be some good arguments all the way around here. David looks like a dork in the Stephen mold so there is that at least.

12. Julie: Nothing doing with her at all in episode 1. Cant say anything much here.

13. Russell: He is much lower than Rob due to what I said before about his tribe leery of him while Rob's tribe is respectful overall. He is already putting his claws into Stephanie but the group is onto this. He is Russell Hantz though so he definately cant be counted out.

14. Ralph: It looks like Ralph gets into it with Russell next week which is not a good sign for his chances. I like the guy immensely and he looks like he can get it done around camp but we all know the history of those who cross Russell. They end up going home.

15. Stephanie: She is already marked as a Russell alliance ally so she could get the boot quickly as a result. Not long for the game it seems based on this.

16. Kristina: She would be ahead of only Francesca if she didnt have the hidden immunity idol but she will go as soon as its flushed out. You dont cross Rob and last long in the game. I dont think anyone bungled a hidden immunity idol in a worse way than her.

17. Philip: This guy is a lunatic and I cant believe he would come into the game talking to other people like that. Doesnt he know this is a social game and behavior like that gets you kicked off? All in all though he possibly saved Rob with the revelations at tribal council so there is that. He goes next episode if they lose the challenge.

18. Francesca: She is off to Redemption Island but even there she wont stay long. See you later.

There you have it. Let me hear some differing opinions here.

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