Sunday, February 20, 2011


Things are starting to heat up between Survivor's favorite villain Russell Hantz and super spoiler sleuth Jim Early (missaye) in their battle of who is really responsible for all the results leaks the last few seasons. After Hantz went on the attack and proclaimed his innocence, Early apparently responded by going to TMZ and sharing with them the actual e-mail transcripts between the two, all the way down to revealing Hantz' e-mail handle hantztankering which is the name of one of his oil companies. You can even download the DOC at TMZ and view it for yourself.

My Views: Well things just got a little more interesting here. Its clear as day now that Hantz was completely responsible for all the leaks as anyone with half a brain would suspect. Obviously Mark Burnett's half brain is not functioning since he went into spin mode the other day when talking to the media about whether he believed Hantz was responsible. That reeked of Burnett trying to quell a controversy since Hantz figures so prominently in Redemption Island but be that as it may if Russell is not penalized for this, than the whole Survivor code of ethics is a joke. I am not holding my breath.

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