Friday, February 25, 2011


Here's what doesnt make any sense to me. Knowing how much havoc Russell Hantz has caused in the game of Survivor (an advantage not given to the Heroes VS. Villains cast), I keep asking myself why on earth Stephanie and Krista BOTH decide their best option in the game is to align with The Evil One? Clearly the rest of the tribe was wary from the very beginning of Russell as classically shown by Mike saying "Oh no" when he got off the plane. Yet both Stephanie and Krista think it best to rise his coattails. Now I can understand trying to saddle up with a proven Survivor competitor that has had big success like we are seeing with Natalie with Boston Rob but doing that with Russell is a completely different story. No doubt the rest of Zapatera is already fed up with him and we get the hint in the press release for Episode 3 that they will consider throwing the challenge to get rid of him. With Ralph having the hidden immunity idol (unless Russell steals it....I wont discount anything when it comes to this man), they can easily dispose of him next week. So Krista and Stephanie will be sent home soon thereafter and they already have been marked as being "his gals." It just doesnt compute with me but what do I know. Thoughts?

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