Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It has seemed like Survivor Redemption Island has taken awhile to get here hasnt it? After all the waiting and the leaks controversy, the curtain comes up tomorrow night as Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz have their rematch from Heroes VS Villains. Of course there are 16 other contestants to keep track of and the new Redemption Island twist figures to trump over everything that goes on this season. In my view this is a very risky and critical season for Survivor in using this concept as I have never agreed to the notion of bringing back players who already had been voted out. This always struck me as against everything Survivor is to its core and so I will watch with a wary eye early on this season to see if this really can work. The one caveat is that Probst claims this season to be one of his all-time favorites so there is that. Of course its his job to hype things so really we are left to our own opinions on this. Lets see it play out.

With all that being said, if the Redemption Island concept falls flat on its face, than it could have a rough effect on future seasons as far as ratings are concerned. Rob and Russell will ensure a good run as far as viewers are concerned, but the fallout afterwards could be stark if the public doesnt take to it. Very key season for sure.

All in all, I have been looking forward to this season for awhile and in a moment of patting myself on the back, I was one of the first to report that Hantz would be coming back for a third season. I am hoping to see The Evil One finally have his ass voted out and I think there is a good chance that happens this season. I also will watch in fascination at the continuing makeover of Mariano who went from a despised player to a loved on in a span of a few seasons. Getting married and having a kid can do wonders for softening your image. And going against the biggest villain of all time can also help change the public's outlook of you. Its been a long climb for Mariano and he craves a title more than anything (I am sure he gets crap from Amber at home constantly about losing to her). If Rob wins than he is right there at the very top of the all-time list of Survivor players. If Russell wins than the same goes for him. Lets have at it. May the best man win. It should be fun. Enjoy everyone and tune here tomorrow for the wrapup and opinions.

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