Monday, February 28, 2011


All right so last week we all completely missed the boat on Matt getting the boot. There was no indication at all that he was going to get ousted and not even in the spoiling world was this mentioned. So now we look ahead to Episode 3 of Survivor Redemption Island which kicks off Wednesday with both Rob and Russell trying to stave off controversy and with the first Redemption Island duel set to take place. Lets look at each tribe and place out bets on who will be sent home.

Ometepe: Rob's alliance has been shortened and firmed up to be himself, Ashley, Grant, and Natalie with Natalie being the one he wants to carry to the end of the game. The decision to oust Matt was a huge move and one that on the surface didnt seem necessary since they had the numbers and did anyone really think that Matt wasa big threat? His flirtations with Andrea were an issue and if anyone realizes the implications of letting that type of bond advance in the game, Rob is it so I will give him the benefit of the doubt there. In the previews we see Andrea all upset with Rob but she really cant do anything about it as I seriously doubt Ashley, Grant, or Natalie align with her to boot Rob. The clear target is Kristina who no longer has the immunity idol and Phillip who is nuts. Rob seemed to like the idea of controlling Phillip's vote but he is too high maintenance to keep far into the game. Gun to my head Kristina goes as Rob probably fears her ability to regroup more than Phillip. Also on a final vote Andrea could be ousted as well if she throws a big fit and the rest of the group fear her going to the other side on a merge so there is that in addition to Kristina and Phillip being in jeopardy.

IN TROUBLE: Kristina, Phillip, Andrea
Who Will Go Home: Kristina

Zapatera: Things are ready to explode in this tribe as Russell is earning the wrath of the others for hoarding the hidden immunity idol clue. Little does he know that Ralph of all people has the idol and so Russell could be in some serious trouble. A few things have emerged in the last few days though as a picture of Russell shaking Julie's hand has surfaced which I posted on here along with word that the thus far silent David gets into the Russell alliance as well. I said all along that David worries me as a kind of Rob Cesternino dork who has the intelligence factor working for him in the game. Russell recruiting Julie to oust Ralph is a likely discussion there which leads me to this: does Ralph keep the fact he has the idol silent? If he does and he is targeted and gets wind of it, he could play it and send Russell home. However the more likely aspect is him telling the other he has the idol and than Julie telling Russell this fact which leads her to vote with The Evil One, Krista, Stephanie, and the also recruited David in order to flush it out and oust the guy. That is a very real issue for me. Finally, the last thing I debated was the fact that Russell targets Ralph but when he realizes he has an idol, he jumps ship at the last minute and send Stephanie home to save his ass. You know he is more than capable of this. Clearly it looks like Zapatera is going to TC as we were led to believe with the previews so thats what I will go with.

In Trouble: Russell, Stephanie, Ralph
Who Goes Home: Ralph

So be sure to check back in for more as always. Wednesday is only two days away.

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