Saturday, February 5, 2011


So its been a few days since news broke that the infamous MISSAYE who has been feeding the public incredibly accurate Survivor spoilers the last few seasons had none other than the Evil One Russell Hantz as his source. Apparently Hantz befriended missaye who was later revealed to be Jim Early and proceeded to constantly call him up and give him the dish on everything Survivor from his seasons in 19 and 20. Early was subsequently sued by Mark Burnett and gave up Hantz as his informant. So with this giant cat out of the bag, the question is: what happens now? Does CBS actually follow through with the 5-million dollar penalty that is explained to all contestants when they sign on to the show if they spoil info? Or do they let him skate and make this one big warning for those who think about doing this in the future?

In actuality, I honestly dont think anything will happen to Hantz even though he deserves the book thrown at him for blatantly flaunting the rules. The big problem here is the fact that Hantz is appearing on this seasons edition of Survivor Redemption Island which highlightes his continuing battle between he and Rob Mariano. Since Hantz is arguably the biggest name player ever in Survivor history and since he will be needed for the reunion show in May, its doubtful anything will happen. On the flip side, if Hantz was not on this season than I think the whole setup changes and he seriously could be in trouble. Be that as it may I think he gets by with a strong behind closed doors warning and thats it which totally blows since Hantz is a complete non-conformist who doesn't give a hoot about anyone of anything. He of all people needs to be knocked down a peg or two but its not going to happen.

What do you think about this? Does Hantz deserve to be penalized? Will he get sued? Lets hear what your throughts are on this.

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