Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are Russell/Parvati the next Rob/Amber????

Now let me explain what I mean by this before you all think I believe Rusell and Parvati are going to sickeningly fall in love and get engaged during the reunion show. Dont make me hurl. What I mean by this is the feeling I am getting in watching Survivor Heroes VS Villains so far. I have been flashing back to Survivor All Stars when Rob and Amber formed a day 1 alliance and despite the obviousness of it all, there was no wide scale attempt made to break them up and vote them out. Well so far it looks like history is repeating itself as Russell and Parvati have formed a day 1 alliance and the rest of their tribe doesn't see the urgency in breaking them up.

In episode three, the situation screamed out for the villains to band together and vote out Parvati. We all know the reasons: she is a backstabber, she has friends on the other side, she has an alliance with Russell, she has a nice chest,etc. She could have easily been neutralized if only brains had been used. For all of his rudeness, Randy was dead on in his plan to get rid of her. Also to his credit, Tyson of all people spoke up on the referenced threat that Parvati was, and to a lesser extent Coach. What was most dissapointing was the fact that Boston Rob of all people put the kibosh on the idea. Rob fell back on the old adage of keeping the tribe strong which I almost always endorse. However in such obvious cases like this, exceptions have to be made and Parvati should have been sent home.

The whole tribal council was incredibly frustrating to watch as the clear mistake was played out right before our eyes. Parvati now has another chance to work her "magic" and get a solid footing in the game. The fact she will be doing this with the diabolical Russell on her side makes it more obvious just how big a mistake the rest of the villains did my letting her stay. How a seasoned veteran like Rob could blow this is beyond me and there is a decent sized chance this could cost him his game. Wouldn't that be ironic huh? Just like he and Amber five years before, Russell and Parvati look like they will be repeating history.

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