Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updated Survivor Heroes VS Villains Odds Of Winning

Well Randy gets the boot and we are down to 17. His elimination didnt do much to change the odds of the remaining players but nonetheless there were some differences. Without further delay:

1. Russell Hantz (3-1): Russell moves up to official status as the favorite to win it all as he once again demonstrated his unmatched ability to control the game by hiding the machette and causing everyone to blame Randy. Coincidence that Randy got voted out? I think not. Expect more of the same from the Evil One and dont even for a second believe that Parvati has him under her spell.

2. Boston Rob (5-1): Rob's odds improved also this week as he leaps over Parvati on the strength of his seemingly tight bonds with Coach, Sandra, Tyson, and Courtney. He still runs the show and still has the respect of most of the tribe. Rob has got serious game and again its only a matter of time before he and Russell bump heads.

3. JT (7-1): The best bet to win from the Heroes tribe at this point, JT comtinues to be an animal in challenges and is still in tight with Cirie, Amanda, Rupert, and James. The abandonement of Tom and going behind Candice's back were two decent sized negatives but at this point he is still in the biggest power position in his tribe.

4. Rupert Boneham (10-1): Rupert sees his odds go up slightly as he is in no imminent danger and has ruffled no feathers. Its almost like he is flying under the radar which sets up well for him. Will be here awhile unless something game-turning occurs.

5. Parvati Shallow (15-1): Parvati sees a 10 point drop in odds due to her being outed by almost half the tribe. Patience is running thin with her act (most notably with Jerri) and many have voiced their concerns with her past relationships with Cirie, Amanda, and James. Like Russell however, Parvati always seems to escape trouble and she is doing that once again.

6. Danielle DiLorenzo (20-1): The ultra-athletic Danielle is flying under the radar but she is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who has a deal with Russell is in a good spot for a bit at the very least and Danielle is savvy enough to keep herself above trouble. Her strength in challenges will ensure she stays to the merge and she could win some individual immunities from that point after.

7. Cirie Fields (20-1): Cirie is in control like always. She has a great sense of dodging and weaving when she needs to. Her mind is always in the game and she is always one step ahead of most everyone else. People respect her but also fear her. Tom is already onto her but nothing else seems amiss at this point. No one sees her as an athlete to be feared in challenges which is part of the reason she makes it to the end of the game. The danger for her is always before a merge but she seems on solid ground with her alliance.

8. Amanda Kimmell (20-1): Amanda is still looked at as the biggest weak link on the tribe but her alliance is going to keep her around for a bit. If she gets to the merge than she will go far like she did in Micronesia and China. I still get the feeling that she flies way too much under the radar to get respect from the others but you cant argue with her track record.

9. Sandra Diaz-Twine (20-1): Sandra drops some due to her battle with Coach at tribal council and it appears her unfiltered mouth is getting her a bit in trouble. Her closeness with Rob is a plus but she is no challenge hero. There are weaker and more useless teammates to eliminate before her however and she has good history on her side of being resourceful. A live wild card.

10. Colby Donaldson (30-1): Colby stays at his odds from last week as the closer he gets to the merge, the better his chances take off. The heroes have bigger fish to fry with Tom and an increasingly annoying Candice before they look to him. I just cant see the big Texan going anytime soon.

11. Jerri Manthey (60-1): Jerri sees a slight drop from 50-1 as her run in with Parvati puts a mark on her. Going head to head with her is a big mistake that could quickly get Jerri in serious trouble. I dont see anything at this point to suggest she can even get remotely close to the finish.

12. James (60-1): James drops a great deal this week as he once again finds himself wrapped up in controversey due to his antics with Randy at the challenge. It was incredibly stupid to do what he did and it definately drew the ire of the villains. His physical threat, bad attitude, and past contacts have all conspired to obliterate his chances in the game.

13. Candice (60-1): Candice loses value this week due to her run in with Cirie and the fact that JT has voiced his nervousness with her and how he hopes she goes next. Candice will be the sacrificial lamb if the tribe decides to hold onto Tom and she really has no one to rely on at this point. A very boring player to boot.

14. Tyson Apostol (70-0): Tyson actually got into a bit of strategizing this past week in correctly pointing out the wisdom of getting rid of Parvati. He was dead on with this but it obviously didnt happen. The fact he even spoke out like this is a small positive as he never showed much of this in the past. Still he is not respected and is someone no one fears. Could stick for a bit but nothing interesting happening here.

15. Coach Wade (80-1): Coach plummets some due to him being outed at tribal council by Sandra and his angry reaction to it. The fact of the matter is that no one respects Coach and he only might stay around some due to the fact that no one perceives him as a threat.

16. Tom Westman (80-1): Tom continues to be the most likely next ouster from the heroes tribe after their next defeat. JT confessing to him that he couldnt honor their alliance was further proof of this. The next episode hints at the heroes getting clues for a hidden immunity idol which is really the only thing that could keep Tom around for more than another week if he does find it. Its a real shame too because he deserves better.

17. Courtney Yates (100-1): Courtney should be next out if the villains lose based on her extreme worthlessness in challenges but she does seem to be in good graces with Boston Rob for what its worth. Rob however has made no secret his desire to eliminate weak tribe members to keep the team strong (when it would have been better getting rid of Parvati last week) so expect to see her go soon. No chance.

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  1. Haha at the odds of Rob and Sandra. Sandra won the game, and Rob didnt even make the jury or merge.