Monday, March 29, 2010

How About We Get a Celebrity Survivor?????

We have had Celebrity Apprentice and various celebrity reality shows on MTV and VHI. So one must ask the question: Why hasn't there been a celebrity edition of Survivor??????

Now before you all pan me for bringing up such a ridiculous notion, do know that this concept was in serious discussion right before Survivor All Stars was hatched. As ratings began to slip, there were reports that Mark Burnett looked into the idea of having a celebrity edition of Survivor with some notable tv and movie stars showing interest. One of the most vocal celebrities who desired to be included was Ray Romano from "Everybody Loves Raymond" fame along with Law And Order's Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler). Those are two very big television stars that would lend instant credibility to the show. And the quality of the cast is the big key here. On Celebrity Apprentice and even Dancing With The Stars, you have washed up celebrities or B-list performers making up the majority of the roster. In order for celebrity Survivor to work, you would need a more well-known cast. After giving this some thought, here are some of the names I came up with (based on the idea that most top TOP notch actors and actresses wouldn't have the time to dedicate to such a show).

Ray Romano-would be great for laughs.
Ashton Kutcher-can't you just see him doing this??
Matthew Fox-has got tremendous experience on deserted islands.
LL Cool J-would be a house in challenges.
George Hamilton-would have more time to work on his tan.
Mark Consuelos-need a soap star to bring in the female audience.
Reggie Miller-would play the villain role....can you imagine the trash talk???
Gordon Ramsay-talk about short fuse....will take the cake in criticism of others.

Leila Ali-stronger than most men...and can beat most men in a fist fight too.
Jennifer Aniston-personal favorite of mine....would kill to see her in bikini.
Jenna Elfman-one of the more athletic actresses....competes in triathlons.
Tea Leoni-no reason here....just thought she would be decent.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck-she is a celebrity now right???
Sigourney Weaver-old wise one who is still in great shape for her age.
Allison Sweeney-another soap star for the women and will bring in Biggest Loser fans.
Paula Abdul-her craziness will make great television.

So there you have it. No Bruce Willis' or Angelina Jolie's but a great cast I think. Who do you think would win? Who do you think would be a better contestant that I overlooked?????

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