Monday, March 29, 2010

Upated Survivor Heroes VS Villains Odds Of Winning

7 down and 13 to go! Here is where we stand regarding odds to win at this point in the game.

1. Russell Hantz (2-1): I hate to say it but Russell has got to be considered the favorite to win right now. No doubt he was helped with having no one see his play before which i have mentioned too many times to count. Be that as it may, he scored a huge win over Rob this past week and now looks to finish the job by evicting Boston's own.

2. Parvati Shallow (3-1): I have Parvati slightly behind Russell for the fact that last week's ploy was all from Russell's head so he gets the credit. Parvati no doubt is a huge threat to get her second title however as she seems totally into the Evil One's plans. And there is also no doubt that she will dump Russell at a moment's notice when she realizes she doesn't need him anymore.

3. Boston Rob (10-1): Until the fight is settled with Russell, Boston Rob deserves to be ranked this high as one big move puts him right back into the driver's seat. To underestimate the man is a collosal mistake and no one has proven to be more cutthroat when his neck is on the line. More than anyone left in the game, Rob would almost be a lock to win if he ever made the final.

4. JT Thomas (15-1): JT is playing a take-no-prisoners game as he has now voted off both of his Day 1 alliances in ousting Tom and James. When you combine his surprising scheming with his top notch athletic skills, JT remains the best bet for a hero to take home the dough.

5. Rupert Boneham (20-1): Rupert is playing a very dissapointing game as he is not being smart with his voting. Choosing to honor substandard alliance partners instead of focusing on keeping the team strong, the big guy is showing that he doesn't have the plotting skills to get it done. He always has the popularity thing going for him however, although it seems he is less likable this time around. Hard to see him winning.

6. Sandra Diaz-Twine (20-1): Sandra is not to be taken lightly as she always seems to be forgotten until she sneaks to the end of the game and wins. History is starting to repeat itself here as nary a vote has come her way despite her in your face comments to Russell and Parvati. She has done it before and can't be counted out for that reason.

7. Danielle DiLorenzo (30-1): Despite her alliance with Russell, Danielle is not likely to be a threat to win. The woefully underexposed Danielle is looking like a dutiful soldier to the Evil One but she will be dropped at a moment's notice and won't get any repspect if she gets to to the finale due to the correct perception that she is just a follower.

8. Colby Donaldson (40-1): Colby continues to stick around despite his neck constantly being on the chopping block. If he can somehow get to the merge, his odds will skyrocket as he should feel no guilt in jumping ship to the villains since the heroes never showed any interest in him. We all saw his performance in individual challenges in Australia but first he has to get there.

9. Amanda Kimmel (50-1): We all know how terrible Amanda does in final Tribal Councils. If she somehow makes it that far again, she won't win. Her reputation is set in stone, although I think she is a better player than she is given credit for as it takes some skill to get to the final of two separate seasons.

10. Jerri Manthey (50-1): I still can't help but think that in the longshot scenario of Jerri making a final TC, she just might win due to the fact she has "put in the time" in playing her third season. I don't think she is as miserable a person as she is portrayed to be (she doesn't hold a candle to notable bitches Corrin from Gabon or Sue from Borneo) and she always tried hard in challenges. Who knows....if you want to bet on a longshot she is the one.

11. Coach Wade (70-1): Coach has toned it down the last week but he is still a joke like Russell correctly proclaimed. His wishy/washy moods and no sense of the game make him a disaster.

12. Candice Woodcock (70-1): Candice had a good week in winning immunity last Wednesday but she still is at the bottom of her tribe's pecking order with Colby. No one likes her, she doesn't stand out, has no alliance to speak of, and is being ignored by the cameras like Danielle which is always a bad sign.

13. Courtney Yates (100-1): Once again Courtney is our longest shot. I have been very hard on her to this point but she actually made me laugh a bit in her sarcastic comments about James in last week's challenge. She is hanging around with Rob and once he is sent home, she is toast. Longest shot easily.

What do you all think??? Who did I rank too high? Too low?


  1. In terms of someone being seen as a follower to Russell as you claimed about Danielle, the exact same strategy happened with Natalie last season and she won

  2. very good point but I think the second time around a player gets marked....Danielle failed in finale and that could be in the back of the jury's mind just like when Amanda got no respect in back to back tribal council finales.