Monday, March 22, 2010

Ultimate Surivor All Stars Simulation

So with the break in Survivor Heroes VS Villains due to the NCAA tournament, I got bored one day and ran a simulation with some of the best characters ever to play Survivor in the ultimate Survivor All Stars. I took into account past friendships, alliances, enemies, etc. and including two possible hidden immunity idols. I chose 11 former winners to compete and there is no doubt this would be the strongest cast ever to play it. I also took into account abilities in challenges and scheming abilities and this is what was spit out. Of course this is all make believe but i was impressed with the results and could see this happening for real. So without further adieu here goes:

Tribe Red
Richard Hatch
Tina Wesson
James Clement
Natalie White
Parvati Shallow
Ozzy Lusthe

Tribe Blue
Russell Hantz
JT Thomas
Bob Crowley
Cirie Fields
Danni Boatswain
Kelly Wigglesworth

Tribe Green
Rob Mariano
Rupert Boneham
Jenna Morasca
Colby Donaldson
Stephanie LaGrossa
Sandra Diaz-Twine

Ep 1: Immunity: Tribes Red and Green Voted Out: Bob Crowley
Votes: Bob (Russell, JT, Cirie, Kelly) Cirie (Bob, Danni)
Analysis: Right away Bob is targeted due to his age and nothing more. He bonds with the sweet Danni who vows to stand by him when the others inform her he is the one to go. Classic schemers Russell and Cirie start an alliance on Day 1 while JT stays clear of both.

Ep 2: Immunity: Tribes Green and Blue Voted Out: Parvati Shallow
Votes: Parvati (Rich, Ozzy, Natalie, James, Tina) Rich (Parvati)
Analysis: This time around everyone is onto Parvati right off the bat and there is no doubt she is the one to go. Parvati tried to scheme Ozzy and James into voting out Rich but they have none of it. Meanwhile Rich and Tina quickly form an alliance between Survivor's first two winners.

Ep 3: Immunity: Tribes Green and Blue Voted Out: Ozzy Lusthe
Votes: Ozzy (Rich, Tina, Natalie, James) Natalie (Ozzy)
Analysis: Rich is calling the shots as he calls for Ozzy's head and the others are too weak to object. Ozzy goes for Natalie as the weakest link but it wasn't meant to be.

Ep 4: Immunity: Tribes Green and Red Voted Out: Russell Hantz
Votes: Russell (JT, Danni, Kelly) JT (Cirie, Russell)
Analysis: Russell and Cirie gun for another likable winner in JT but this time around JT rallies the girls to finally oust the Evil One at his own game. Cirie and Russell go down in a shock as Kelly goes back on her word and votes out Russell.

Ep 5: Tribes are merged into two groups (Orange and Purple) of 7 due to a random draw. Hidden immunity idols are also introduced here with one in each camp with Sandra and Boston Rob claiming them.
Tribe Orange: James, Tina, Stephanie, Danni Rupert, Sandra, JT
Tribe Purple: Colby, Rich, Cirie, Kelly, Jenna, Rob, Natalie

Immunity: Tribe Purple Voted Out: Stephanie LaGrossa
Votes: Stephanie (Danni, JT, James, Tina) Tina (Rupert, Stephanie, Sandra)
Analysis: Stephanie teams up with the bonded Rupert and Sandra to gun for the sly Tina but JT and James renew their friendship and grab the easily swayed Danni to their side.

Ep 6: Immunity: Tribe Orange Voted Out: Natalie White
Votes: Natalie (Rob, Cirie, Rich, Kelly, Colby, Jenna) Jenna (Natalie)
Analysis: Rich and Kelly are reunited and fall back to their old alliance and take Cirie along for the ride. The others are leery of this but Natalie is clearly the weakest link.

Ep 7: Immunity: Tribe Orange Voted Out: Colby Donaldson
Votes: Colby (Rich, Cirie, Kelly, Rob) Cirie (Colby, Jenna)
Analysis: Rich wants the athletic Colby out and he gets his wish as Boston Rob is all too happy to get rid of his old rival. Colby and Jenna try in vain to get the scheming Cirie but no one else bites.

Ep 8: Immunity: Tribe Orange Voted Out: Jenna Morasca
Votes: Jenna (Rich, Kelly, Cirie, Rob) Jenna (Cirie)
Analysis: In an expected vote Jenna goes down quietly here as Rich maintains control.

Ep 9: Merge time as all ten remaining players come together. Rob and Sandra maintain their hidden idols.
Immunity: James Clement Voted Out: JT Thomas
Votes: JT (Rich, Cirie, Tina, Kelly, Rupert, Danni, Sandra, Rob) Rich (JT, James)
Analysis: JT is targeted right off the bat due to his athletic prowess. JT and James go after Rich but the dye has been cast. James looks to be in big trouble now.

Ep 10: Immunity: Tina Wesson Voted Out: Kelly Wigglesworth
Votes: Kelly (Rupert, Rob, Danni, Sandra, James) Rupert (Rich, Tina, Cirie, Kelly)
Analysis: In a shocker and an unexoected setback for the overconfident Rich, Kelly gets the ax as Rob and Rupert convince the others to break up the Tina-Rich-Cirie-Kelly alliance before its too late.

Ep 11: Immunity: Rob Mariano Voted Out: Tina Wesson
Votes: Tina (Rob, Rupert, Danni, Sandra, James) James (Rich, Tina, Cirie)
Analysis: Rich, Cirie, and Tina try to get back on track by trying to convince the others about the threat of James and his strength. Tina leads the way with the scheming which gets her the ax here as the others are not being swayed.

Ep 12: Immunity: Richard Hatch Voted Out: James Clement
Votes: James (Rich, Cirie, Sandra, Danni) Cirie (Rob, Rupertm James)
Analysis: Rich was going to be the vote all the way but he winning immunity changes things. At the last second Rich convinces Danni and Sandra they are being used by the guys and that they will have no chance at immunnity with them around. The ploy works as James is sent home. Rob and Rupert don't see it coming.

Ep 13: Immunity: Danni Boatswain Voted Out: Cirie Fields
Votes: Cirie (Rob, Rupert, Danni, Sandra, Rich) Rob (Cirie)
Analysis: Rob was going to be next until he shows everyone he has the idol. With no other options, Rich goes along with the others when Cirie gets too pushy to vote out Rob and make him play the idol.

Ep 14: Immunity: Rupert Boneham Voted Out: Richard Hatch
Votes: Rich (Rupert, Rob, Sandra, Danni) Rob (Rich)
Analysis: With nowhere else to turn Rich tried to pull a coup and convince the others to vote out Rob and make it seem like the vote is for Sandra. No one falls for the bait and Sandra plays the idol to boot. The original King goes home.

Ep 15: Immunnity: Rob Mariano Voted Out: Rupert Boneham
Votes: Rupert (Rob, Danni, Sandra) Danni (Rupert)
Analyses: In the last chance to play hidden idols, Rob keeps his as a souvenir and decides its now or never to get Rupert out before its too late. The final three is set: Rob, Sandra, and Danni

Final Tribal Council:
Rob Mariano: JT, Kelly, Rupert
Danni: Rich, James
Sandra: Tina

WINNER: Rob Mariano

Analyses: In a final tribal council that is as intense as ever, Boston Rob finally wins that elusive title as JT, Kelly, and Rupert reward him for all the past efforts he had in the game. Danni earned respect with two votes but Sandra gets only one.

So there you have it. Wouldn't this be an entertaining series? I think so. Who knows....maybe we will see one last All Stars before the show goes away for good.

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