Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Got To Be Kidding Me!!!!

After a one week hiatus, Survivor got back into action last night with one of the most unbelievable episodes in quite some time. More on that later. First let's get to the epsiode recap itself and than my analysis!

Things start off with the heroes yet again making the sad trek back to camp from tribal council. Amanda expresses her annoyance at Candice and how she was way off base in going after the crippled James. Meanwhile the clear opinion around the tribe is that Colby is the one to go next if they lose the upcoming challenge. As far as the villains are concerned, a great exchange took place between Russell and Boston Rob early in the morning before the sun came up as the Evil One tried to smooth things over and avoid an all-out war. Rob was having none of it however as he directly told Russell of the tribe's annoyance at him for looking for the idol and that he better of found it because he is in some serious trouble. The last dart was thrown when Rob told Russell to watch his back to which the Evil One's reply was an ominous you watch your back retort. Good stuff here!

That morning the tribes gather for a unique immunity challenge that was originally played in Tocantins where the contestants are clipped to a rope and have to unhook and reclip themselves through many various obstacles. The twist was that the heroes and villains would run the challenge separately and the two winners would win individual immunity for him or herself that night when BOTH tribes would go to tribal council. So with that caveat in mind, both tribes attacked the course with Boston Rob and surprisingly Candice winning for their teams. At this point, these two than squared off one-on-one to determine which tribe would win a hot dog feast and also sit in on the other tribe's tribal council, thus getting some inside info. Not surprisingly, Rob defeated Candice and back to the beach they went.

Once back at the camps, Boston Rob turned up the heat on Russell by snickering at him and almost taunting the fact that he is in major trouble and that Rob is running the show. Before this, a plan was also hatched by Rob ordering the rest of the tribe to make Russell think they are all voting for him and than blindside Parvati. Not to be outdone, the Evil One immediately goes to Danielle and Parvati and informes them of this exact plan and how he wants to bestow the idol on Parv at the last second.

Meanwhile back at the heroes camp, James becomes the focus as Rupert, JT, and Amanda begin to seriously question the wisdom of keeping an injured player around. Colby doesn't seem aware of this and proclaims to the tribe that he knows he is going and in an act of surrender, exclaims that there are no hard feelings. This form of white flag waving ticks off James who lays into Colby with a joking tone to it but who seems geuninely disturbed by this move.

At this point sensing the increasing heat, James decides to show his knee is not that bad by racing JT. Since JT is the fastest player on the team, he predictably loses and shows quite a bit of a limp in the process despite proclaiming that he is ok. Clearly there is major concern on the face of the others.

Soon its TC time and the villains are up first. Right beforehand, Boston Rob comes up with the ingenius plan to split the vote 3-3 for Russell and Parvati which will result in a tie with the expected three votes for Tyson. Thus, the revote would allow Rob and company the option of guaranteeing a successful vote out of whoever doesnt play the idol between Russell and Parvati. Clearly nothing could go wrong right??? WRONG!!!! In one of the most boneheaded decisions in Survivor history, Tyson decides to throw an extra vote on Parvati who than receives the hidden immunity idol from Russell and thus seals his fate to having his torch extinguished. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? IT WAS IN THE BAG!!!! All right no analysis yet. In a second.

The heroes than have their turn and their anti-climactic session ends with James mercifully sent home as a clear sympathy vote. So in one night, two people are sent home, 13 remain, and the landscape of the game has changed in a huge way!

Now for the famous analysis:
-ARE YOU KIDDING ME TYSON????? UMMM.....WHAT????? HOW DID...???? WHAT THE...????? Uh yeah that pretty much sums it up. How stupid can you be? This was a guarantee in the bag vote and the big bad ass Rusell would have finally gotten a taste of his own medicine but NO. You had to chicken out in some stupid notion that somehow if it were a tie, you could go home in some way. What an idiot. Sorry James...your no longer the biggest moron in Survivor history. Now accepting the award....Tyson!
-I loved how Boston Rob was taunting Russell the whole episode. It's about time someone learned how to talk back to that idiot. Of course now he looks foolish for being overconfident and having the plan blow up in his face but it was still great nonetheless.
-I think Danielle is a moron too for putting so much faith in Russell. Remember none of these players know who he is. The fact that she would go against the majority and take such a chance is idiotic. It worked out for her but still was the wrong move.
-I will leave this for another post but after last night I am seriously starting to wonder if there isn't some funny business going on here. For what transpired last night to happen, a number of long shot scenarios had to occur and they ALL DID!!!! You know what odds you would have gotten for that???? I am starting to wonder but I will lay that all out in a separate post.
-I was impressed that Coach went along with the plan. Points for him for not falling to Russell's scheme.
-Courtney in the challenge? Pathetic! Again why is she here?????
-Yeah Boston Rob is in trouble but there is still time to swing this to his favor.
-Sandra is still funny as hell with her blunt comments. I see a major eruption coming soon between her and Russell.
-As far as the heroes.....ok you decide to vote out James in a sympathy vote due to his injury. Why didn't they do that previously and keep Tom???? What took them so long? What a waste that was. Now granted Tom was a shadow of his former Survivor self but he should have stayed over James for sure. Classic case of second-guessing.
-Speaking of shadow of former selves, Colby looks OLD! He has been terrible this season and even wasnt great in All Stars. James was right on when he opined that Colby was washed up. He looks disinterested and withdrawn which is very surprising for the formerly intense competitor he was.
-Also regarding Colby: whats with the annoying facial twitches that he has developed, especially during tribal council?
-Candice did great in the challenge....she has clearly seperated herself in a good way from Courtney for the title of most useless Survivor player.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more!

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