Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heroes Blow It Again

Back after a mini-vacation....lots of posts to get to so let's get started.

I always state that I have no use for spoilers which continues to this point. However I will confess to one that I knew of from the start and that was the fact of Tom Westman being the fifth person voted out. As a fellow Long Islander, Tom's fate was the worst kept secret in the area here. Be that as it may, it still came as quite a shock and I was hoping against hope that this was false. Much to my great dissapointment, it wasn't.

As far as the episode itself was concerned, things started off with JT showing the puppy dog face to Amanda and begging her to trust him. Yet another pathetic display by an increasingly annoying JT. When he played in Tocantins, JT was a leader who took charge and never looked back. This time around I believe he feels intimidated playing with people he in his own words "watched while in high school." That has resulted in him flip flopping alliances and being incredibly indecisive. Amanda wasn't buying the act however and in a rare moment of intensity from her, let out that she was ready to "play that game." Meanwhile over at the villains camp, Russell predictably found the hidden immunity idol while the rest of the tribe was down at the shore doing tai-chi with Coach. Once in possession of it, the Evil One continued reporting his plan to oust Boston Rob as the inevitable could be coming any day now.

We than move on to the reward challenge that centered on a mix of pit wrestling and basketball. The prize after scoring two baskets into the opposing tribe's net was an all chocolate feast at a local lagoon. While the villains quickly sucked up a plate of free treats, the heroes wanted no part of it, choosing instead to "stay focused"; whatever that means to them since they keep losing. The real blow came a few minutes into the contest however as James landed awkwardly while going up for a rebound and medical was quickly brought in. After initially feeling like he could continue, the pain proved to be too much to bear as James was removed from the challenge. Already demoralized from all their losing, the heroes quickly crumbled as the villains made off with the loot and James stayed behind waiting to see if he would be removed from the game yet again.

Back at camp, speculation ran rampant among the heroes as the consensus centered on James not returning. Amanda was the most upset by this as tears streamed down her face as a combination of fear of losing an alliance partner and to a lesser extent a friend seemed to overwhelm her. Much to everyone's shock however, James hobbled back to camp with a huge brace on his knee proclaiming that he was not in pain but needed to just rest. James' return was a blow to Tom as he was now back on the chopping block in the event they lost the reward challenge.

During all this, the villains celebrated their latest win with a chocolate feast and the plotting began in earnest with Russell showing Parvati the idol and than deciding to bring Coach into the fray. Once again Coach went overboard when Russell showed him the idol, going so far as to kneel down in front of the Evil One asking to be knighted. Pathetic stuff. To this point, Boston Rob seemingly doesn't know that he has the idol.

As far as the immunity challenge was concerned, the game centered on the one where a tribe member vocally directs the rest of the blindfolded tribe to pick up puzzle pieces scattered in a field and once all the pieces are in, to put the puzzle together. James and Jerri were elected the vocalists and the heroes got off to the quick lead and had all their pieces back first. But for the third time in three puzzle centered challenges, they blew the lead and allowed the villains to steal the victory. Another frustrating loss.

Once back at camp, the plotting began as it soon was obvious that either Tom or a crippled James would be sent home. Tom and Colby were joined by a very vocal Candice who openly expressed her view that an injured James is a liability that the tribe couldn't afford to keep around. An increasingly stubborn Rupert and Amanda sided with James of course with JT once again finding himself in the middle. At first promsing to stay true to his alliance with Rupert, James, and Amanda, JT began to hedge as he agreed with Tom and Colby about the wisdom of sending James home due to his inability to compete in future physical challenges. It would once again come down to his vote as tribal council took place with a feisty Tom trying to save himself and in the process engage James in some mano-a-mano digs at each other. When it finally came down to the vote however, JT stayed true to his alliance as Tom was sent home. Once again the heroes make the wrong call and go against all conventional wisdom.

All right now let's get to my all important opinions and viewpoints:

-What really annoyed me right off the bat was JT's pathetic display to Amanda. I really am losing total respect for his game as his waffling is becoming ridiculous. I really thought at the beginning that JT stood a great chance of winning the game but now I think he has almost no chance due to the fact he will surely tick off too many people with his indecisions.
-Another throw the remote at the TV moment came when Russell found the idol. Didn't it dawn on any of the other villains that Russell was the only one missing from the tai chi session and that he most likely was off looking for the idol? Was shocked Rob didn't have his lookouts on the case. A drop in concentration could be very costly to him as a result of this.
-I thought it was very interesting that Russell showed Parvati the idol but not Danielle as he made day one alliances with both. My thinking is that he is putting all his eggs in the Parvati basket for two reasons. One is that he believes its a good idea to go to the end with a previous winner as it is less likely a jury would vote to give a second million bucks to someone. Two is that Parvati has made a ton of enemies in the game and there is the possibility that many jury members would give the million dollars to anyone but her.
-Russell showing Coach the idol was an obvious move on his part as Coach can easily be controlled by the Evil One and basically be the puppet for Russell to move around votes in whatever direction he wants. We already are seeing this with Coach doing the ridiculous knight kneel down in reverance to Russell.
-The showdown to end all showdowns is coming real soon. Russell VS Boston Ron.....stay tuned. This is going to be great.
-That was some spill that Jerri took due to the shove that Rupert gave her. I don't think it was intentional but you never know.
-James is definately snake bitten. Was removed once due to injury and could eventually be voted out because of another one. The biggest, strongest Survivor player ever has a glass jaw for a body.
-Once again the heroes are brainless in voting out Tom over an injured James. From voting out strong members to keeping injured ones, the heroes have blown it every step of the way and they completely deserve their predicament.
-I find it amazing that anyone on the heroes tribe would criticize Tom's preformance in challenges. This is a man who won five individual immunity challenges in Palau while in his forties against guys much younger and stronger. I was hoping that Tom would point out to James something along the lines of "Last time I checked I won the game and you didn't." Or "I won five individual immunity challnges.....how many did you win?" Tom is too classy for that however.
-I have to admit that I am a homer when it comes to Tom. Was beyond thrilled when he won Palau and very upset when he was voted out last night. Got to support the home town guy and his personality and determination are nothing but the highest standard.
-Oh I only hope Russell gets voted out. I just want to see his smug face when he gets his torch snuffed.
-Again I ask this: Why is Courtney here???? Anyone????
-Why is Danielle getting the Brett (Samoa) treatment? You know where the producers don't show them until they get close to the end of the game? I guess thats a clear sign Danielle goes far. I only hope its not with Russell. At least I get to hopefully see more of her in that awesome bikini of her's.
-Rupert btw is another one who is starting to annoy me. I have been the president of the Rupert fan club through Pearl Islands and All Stars. This time around however he is infuriating with his blind loyalty to inferior players.
-James has no business in the game right now. I admire his determination but its only a matter of time before he costs his team a challenge.

That's all for now. Updated ranking will be posted tomorrow. Take care everybody.

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