Friday, March 5, 2010

Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Episode 3 Recap: C'Ya Cirie

As always, your unspoiled (I dont read them) thoughts and opinions on Survivor Heroes VS Villains:

Wow we certainly got a lot to touch on this week. I don't even know where to begin. I guess as good a place to start is the fact that for the first time in the series, the hidden immunity idols have become part of the plot. In fact in a quirky coincidence, both the heroes and villains discovered a parchment with the hidden idol clues on the same day. For the villains, Russell (of course) first laid eyes on the clue as it slipped out of one of the tools they won at that day's challenge. Since everyone was standing in the vicinity, Boston Rob immediately picks it up and reads it aloud. It is decided that the best course of action as a tribe is to deposit the idol in the ocean once its found and that whoever looks for it instantly seals their fate.

Despite this ridiculous line of thought, Russell is undeterred as he begins his quest by strolling down the beach in search of it. Rob is all over his attempt and sends Sandra to go spy on him. The obviousness of his quest was too much too ignore as Sandra reported back as to what The Evil One was doing. Disgustedly, Rob exclaimed that Russell "just sealed his fate" and went back to constructing the shelter (how are they still working on a shelter on Day 8????). It is not known if Russell has in fact found the idol but the dye has been cast.

On the heroes tribe, the clue was uncovered by JT and Tom as they began to pour the morning coffee beans to cook. Once read aloud in front of the tribe, a mass exodus began in all directions as the more desperate heroes went looking for the idol. Action soon centered on a tree by the shoreline that Tom, Amanda, and James focused on. After some digging, Tom found the idol and very un-slick-like slipped it into his pant leg. This was seen by Amanda who quickly scurried like a school child and told everyone. Tom knew he was too obvious with his move and decided to let the cat out of the bag. The fact of the matter in all of this is that now the clearly on the outs Tom and Colby have a bargaining chip to get themselves new life in the game and to bust up the Big Five alliance of James, Rupert, Amanda, Cirie, and JT (Candice is not a part of this group no matter how many times she votes with them).

Blessed with his newfound luck, Tom attempts to form a new alliance with JT, Amanda, and James along with Colby in an attempt to oust Candice. Despite the noble attempt, Amanda once again scurried to her "mommy" Cirie and spills the beans. This enrages Cirie who then formulates the plan with Candice to split the votes 3-3 for Tom and Colby in order to minimize the idol and thus guarantee one of them goes home.

This of course all centered on the immunity challenge which once again was won by the villains as Boston Rob led his team to the win by being the eyes of the tribe in navigating them through a mouse maze and sending the heroes back to tribal council. Once at tribal council, the theme of the session was summed up by Rupert who admitted to staying loyal to his alliance and voting out strong players based solely on that fact and with no attempt to try and keep the team strong. JT going in was wrestling with this fact as he wanted to keep Tom around to increase the chance of success in the challenges but also felt loyalty to his alliance. Which way would he go? The stress on his face was obvious and in a big shocker, JT decided to side with Tom and Colby and vote out Cirie, who went home after Tom played the idol. A new shift is now in place in the heroes tribe and the repercussions are quite big.

Now for my opinions and thoughts:

-It is amazing it took this long for Russell to start looking for the hidden immunity idols. I would have thought he would have already been on the lookout for it before the clue but that didn't happen for some reason. Clearly though his attempt to find it has him in trouble with Boston Rob loudly calling for his ouster. My thought on this is a skeptical one due to two things: A. It has been shown over and over again that the obvious move is never made in Survivor. B. Russell is too cunning to let this stop him (although he has to be stopped at some point doesn't he???).
-I am shocked that once the clue was read to the rest of the villains, that everyone but Russell stayed at the camp and started working on the shelter. This is a game for a million bucks!!!! Everyone should have been hauling ass down the beach digging with their fingernails for the idol. Why the passivity?
-In answering my own question, it shows just how powerful Boston Rob is as his exclamation that whoever finds the idol seals their own fate can attest. The rest of the tribe listened to him and didn't make any attempt to look for it other than Russell.
-Forgot to touch on this before since there was so much else to get to but Coach looked truly pathetic at the start of the episode saying that he was thinking of leaving. This is one thing that drives me crazy and it looks ridiculous. Anyone who starts whining that they want to go home should immediately be expelled from the game. Too many people would give their left arm for a chance to play this game and for someone to take this so lightly is a disgrace, especially someone who has played it twice. I admit I have been a Coach fan (although I don't know why really) but after this I am really down on his act. His scenes are truly becoming cringe-worthy. (BTW I loved Tyson giving him advice to stop wearing the feather, telling stories etc.)
-Sandra is great! I love her calling Russell a dumbass.
-Boston Rob once again shows me that he is the best player out there! I have been a huge anti-Rob guy through both Marquesas and All Stars but he has won me over this time around. He is playing a dominant game and he is in total control. The power he wields is immense. I just hope he follows through on his promise to oust Russell. That to me is the only threat he has to eliminate.
-I don't care that Amber was voted the hottest female Survivor player ever. Amanda takes the title hands down in my book!
-Does anyone else really love the bathing suit that Danielle is wearing? Very form fitting don't you think?
-Finally someone does something that makes sense! JT was right on with going along with Tom and Colby in ousting Cirie. Candice is a waste of time as she is no threat to anyone. With Cirie's ouster, JT neutralizes a key strategic foe and someone who made no secret of voting out strong people which is counter-productive in a game where you need the strong to secure challenges. It will be interesting to see if Amanda, Rupert, and James think he is disloyal and use Candice to vote him out now. So there is some danger in this for JT.
-Another thing about the vote is that it was imperative for JT to "vote" for Colby in that if any other three people voted for Colby, than there would have been a tie with Cirie. It would have been interesting to see if JT spoke up and insisted on voting Colby because they only way that plan works is if he seemingly votes that way. Rupert and James also voted Colby so it probably was decided that the guys vote Colby and ladies vote Tom so that no one would get confused.
-Tom is back in the game in a big way as is Colby. They still are on somewhat thin ice since they still are in a minority (even if JT sticks with them) but to me the key here is James. If James continues to honor the alliance with JT (I am sure he is questioning it now) than the four of them can run things and get rid of Candice first and than Amanda.
-Rupert looked like an idiot by admitting his vote is based on alliances and not keeping the tribe strong. Dumb statement and I was very dissapointed in him for saying that. He is a three-time veteran that should know better.

All right my fingers are getting numb. That's all for now. Check back for more later!

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