Monday, February 22, 2010

What Can Tom Do To Save Himself????

Things are certainly not looking good for major fan favorite Tom Westman on Survivor Heroes VS. Villains. Losing his sidekick Stephenie in a ridiculously foolish vote last week puts the Long Island native in a very bad spot as the heroes try to stave off complete disaster this week. It is starting to become pretty clear that a five person alliance is currently in play consisting of Rupert, Cirie, Amanda, JT, and James. That means Colby, Candice, and Tom are on the outside looking in and are being lined up for the guillotine. So the question is: what can Tom do or what could occur that would save him and allow him to rightfully make the merge??

For starters, Tom must be looking far and wide for the hidden immunity idols. Not much has been said to this point regarding the idols which is surprising after what Russell accomplished in S19. The fact of the matter is that to this point none have been found and thus a life preserver is out there for Tom. If Tom does in fact discover an idol, than he most likely will be forced to use it right away due to the Fab Five alliance gunning for the power players. This of course only buys him a little bit of time but if he uses it and someone from the alliance bites the dust, than a small door opens that can be exploited.

Say for example that Amanda gets idoled out by Tom and that leaves Cirie, JT, James, and Rupert with Candice, Colby and Tom rounding out the rest of the tribe. Since this situation entails yet another heroes defeat, Tom could try and convince JT and James that the tribe needs to keep the strong players in order to stop the avalance of Villain victories. By this point even the stubborn James could see the reason in this as the heroes should at this point be extremely desperate for any sort of victory. Cirie and Candice would be the next two victims and thus gets tom at the very least three more steps further into the game.

The other scenario that could save Tom is any sort of tribal switch or tribe steal where one tribe selects another tribe's player to come to their camp after a reward victory. The latter scenario has been very rare in the history of Survivor (Rupert being forced to temporarily switch tribes in Pearl Islands comes to mind) but you never know. A tribal switch on the other hand would be a 50/50 scenario due to the fact that I think it would be good television to all of a sudden mix heroes and villains. This would give Tom second life and ultimately a chance to start over as far as alliances and strategies.

Ultimately I don't think Tom is long for the game which is a real shame. He is one of the most likable and competitive players the game has ever seen and unfortunately didn't make the right alliance right off the bat which will result in his imminent demise.

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