Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tomorrow we dive head first into episode 3 of Survivor Heroes VS. Villains. On with the preview!

Heroes Tribe

Where We Are At: The Heroes tribe is in a total state of chaos right now as clear alliances have been drawn and tempers have flared in a nasty way. In the span of only a few days the Heroes tribe has gone from a well-functioning, team-oriented tribe to one full of tension and back-biting. To say they need a victory tomorrow is a tremendous understatement and at this point one has to wonder if its too late for this team to get it together.

Current Battles:
James VS. Tom: In an explosive tribal council that saw his good friend Stephenie get the boot under a hailstorm of insults from James, it is obvious that there is no love lost between he and Tom. James seems pretty secure for a bit due to his alliance with JT, Amanda, Cirie, and Rupert. Tom on the other hand is flapping in the wind by hismelf and needs a miracle to make it more than a few more days. He would love nothing more than to boot James' butt out of here but with only Colby on his side, its an extreme longshot.

Who Is In Trouble:
Tom: We have already stated why above. If the heroes lose again, he most likely goes home.

Colby: If the alliance wants to get fancy, they could decide to vote Colby out instead of Tom, although this is highly unlikely. Colby is needed for his athleticism and will be held onto for a little while longer.

Candice: If the heores were smart (and it looks like they are having trouble in the thinking department), they would vote Candice out if they happen to lose again tomorrow. Candice offers very little to the tribe and is the weakest by far outside of the Big Five.


Where We Are At: Things couldn't be better for the villains as they are coming off their second come from behind victory over the heroes. Despite the major type A personalities in the tribe, the villains have shown great teamwork and killer instict when it comes to the challenges. Upward and onward!

Current Battles:
Boston Rob VS. Russell: This one is already starting to brew as someone needed to pull out a ruler for these two to settle things. Rob brings back some kind of seafood to share with the tribe and immediately after Russell comes back with a chicken. Rob has his share of followers in Sandra and Coach, while Russell has his deals with Danielle and Parvati. This will be great theatre when these two finally decide to settle things and I see it happening sooner than you think.

Who Is In Trouble:
Courtney: She really shouldn't be here and she offers absolutely nothing to the team. A liability in challenges and an annoying personality to deal with, Courtney should be the first one voted out if they lose tomorrow. Not saying she will be but she should.
Randy: I still cant believe Randy made it as far as he did in Gabon. He is such a jerk and really has no people skills to speak of. Its 50/50 whether he or Courtney goes first once they finally lose a challenge.

Enjoy the show and check back for summaries and opinions!

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