Friday, February 19, 2010

Heroes Have Big Problems

Last night's episode of Survivor Heores Vs Villains was once again very frustrating if you are a Heroes fan like msyelf. For the second time in as many episodes they jumped out to a huge lead but then imploded in a sea of confusion, incompetence, and just downright incompatability as far as teamwork was concerned. We all know that in the end Stephenie unfairly was given the blame by meathead James when in fact I think JT was the one who was mostly responsible.

The fact of the matter is that JT played this exact challenge in Tocantins and therefore should have been much more in tune with the tasks inner workings and how best to go about it. Instead he was indecisive and unsure and once the Villains began assembling their tower, all hell broke loose. This one was on him but no one dared say a word as it was clear he was in a power position in the tribe with existing alliances with Tom, James, Rupert, Amanda, and Cirie.

Instead Stephenie was made the scapegoat and was a tragic example of how the game has become one not where you vote out the weakest members to keep the tribe strong but one where the dominant alliance throws away anyone not in their inner core no matter how strong or athletic.

What really sucks the most in all of this is that based purely on the game itself, Stephenie was certainly the total package. She was nice but also fiercly competitve. She was unbelievably athletic and one who had it all as far as guts and fortitude. I really considered her a dark horse to win Heroes Vs. Villains but instead she serves as the first major piece to fall in the game.

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