Friday, February 26, 2010


Finally some signs of life by the Heroes!!!! Last night on Survivor Heroes VS. Villains, our favorite lovable losers stepped up and kicked some major ass in the immunity challenge and in the process hopefully mended some fences internally. To say they needed a victory is the understatement of the year and what made things even more impressive was how all eight tribe members contributed in the gladiator style face-off challenge.
To break things down:

Tom made quick work of Russell in the opening match as he effortlessly pushed the Evil One off the pedestal and into the muck. Next up was Rupert who defeated Coach despite the Dragon Slayer's protestations that he in fact won the bout. Cirie went on to defeat Jerri, Candice knocked off Parvati, Amanda surprisingly beat Danielle, and JT was victorious over Tyson.

The main event of the challenge was Colby versus Rob as there is no love lost between these two. The last time they met was in All Stars when Rob literally picked Colby up and threw him down into the water in the balance beam face-off challenge and than rubbed salt in the wound when he said to the cameras that "he's not as tough as he looks." After it looked like Rob had the upper hand early on, Colby rallied and claimed the win by pushing him off the edge. Following that classic was an anti-climactic bout pitting Randy against James. Predictably, James made quick work of Randy and to add insult to injury, classlessly threw the pillow down on him while he was laying in the mud. Immediately the villains cried foul and correctly pointing out how James had no class. A few expletitives were thrown back the villains' way and the line of the night was expressed by Courtney when she bellowed that James should have been on the villains tribe.

Once back on the beach, the scheming began in full force as Parvati used her sex appeal to curry favor with Coach and than used her bullishness to try and get answers from a not amused Jerri. Ultimately the decision would be coming down between Parvati and Randy. Initially, Boston Rob, Russell, Parvati, Sandra, Courtney, and Danielle immediately committed their votes for Randy while Randy, Tyson, Coach, and Jerri went towards Parvati. Despite his vow to fight for Randy, Coach most likely realized he didnt have the numbers to make a play against Parvati and ultimately fell in with everyone else. So once tribal council kicked off, it was not a surprise to see Randy get the boot as he disgustedly threw his buff into the fire as he walked off.

Lots of things to touch on here now that we got the main stuff out of the way. Here goes:

-Russell canoodling with Parvati at night was both gross and disturbing. Russell is a married man with two kids and I am sure his wife couldn't be thrilled with watching him cuddling with Parvati and giggling like school children.
-Coach was shown stroking Jerri's hair the same night. It is clear that he is drawn to her but there doesnt seem to be much of a reciprocal effort on her part to him.
-Candice looked pathetic in her attempt to curry favor with JT who surprisingly looked like a rat going to Cirie and reporting their conversation to her. Cirie in turn confronted Candice and most likely cemented her standing as the next person voted out after Tom.
-JT also looked stupid when he apologized to Tom about not being able to live up to their alliance. He shouldnt have said anything at all and let things fall where they may. Tom looked insulted to be even having this conversation with him and expressed his disapointment how things turned out.
-James is a complete ass. No two ways about it. He has really disapointed me with his behavior as he was a likable guy his first two times playing the game. I dont know what has changed with him this time around but his antics after beating a clearly overmatched Randy in the challenge was gutless and a disgrace. I am sure his own tribe was dissapointed in that.
-Colby had to be pumped beating Boston Rob in the challenge. You know he wanted that bad. And it was great seeing Tom manhandle Russell who looked pathetic in the bout. I always love seeing him look bad.
-Russell hiding the machete was typical. His plan to cause chaos in his own tribe is sometimes dispicable but the man is sticking to what got him to the end of S19.
-Sometimes watching at home, you almost want to throw the remote at the TV. I had such a feeling last night when the villains decided to save Parvati and vote out Randy. The right move 1,000 times over was to vote Parvati out and in the process do two things: A. eliminate the alliance with Russell and B. eliminate the possibility of her flipping sides to join up with old friends Amanda, Cirie, and James. Randy was absolutely no threat to anyone and could easily have been removed at any point in time. Parvati on the other hand is a huge threat that will pick up traction in her game the longer she sticks around. The most surprising thing in all of this was the fact Boston Rob endorsed Randy being the boot. I expected much more out of Rob here and was shocked that he didnt see the reason for voting out Parvati like myself, and a million other armchair Survivor fans did. Big, big mistake here which could ultimately change the game. During All Stars I banged my head against the wall when no one decided to break up the Boston Rob/Amber pair, despite many attempts to do so. I can see this already happening again and can envision myself popping many aspirin along the way.
-Randy voting for Rob was a surprise but my take on this is that Coach went to him and told him he tried but couldnt save him and that Rob was the one who made the call. This was a statement vote and nothing more.
-Finally, the burning of the buff was classic Randy and I must say that I surprisingly felt bad for him here. I hated Randy in Gabon but I empathized with him this time around as he clearly didnt get the chance to play.

That's all for now folks. Check back for more updates later.

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