Saturday, February 27, 2010

Russell Vowing To Cut Parvati Off Before Merge

In one of the bonus scenes from the cbs website not shown during the show this past thursday, a scene takes place between Jerri and Russell discussing the sleeping situations. Jerri complains that Coach is constantly moving during his sleep and so she only was able to get 15 minutes of rest the previous night. She then uses this as an opportunity to prob Russell on his snuggling with Parvati and begins to warn him that the rest of the tribe has made note of it. It is clear she is angling Russell to make a move to get Parvati out but the Evil One remained calm and claims that he won't allow Parvati to get to the merge due to her past connections to James, Cirie, and Amanda. Jerri than does a smart thing here when she points out that it would be monumental Survivor news if Russell blindsides the queen of blindsiding. It is clear that Jerri is playing on Russell's love of notoriety by planting this seed in his mind but whether this works or not remains to be seen as it seems he has plans to go far with her.

Just thought this was an interesting and somewhat important tidbit to pass along. My gut says that if Russell did go on and do this, than CBS would have made a point of showing this in the show Thursday.

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