Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jeff Probst Conducts Wedding Of 'The Office' Jenna Fisher

As if he Survivor host Jeff Probst didnt spend enough time overseas conducting various seasons of Survivor, it appears he also had some time on the side to conduct wedding services....including one for "The Office" actress Jenna Fisher. Fisher recently tied the knot to writer Lee Kirk and the ceremony was performed by none other than Prost himself. Apparently reality's favorite host has been doing wedding ceremonies since the early 1990's when he became an ordained minister and he out that skill to use when Fisher asked him to do the service. Who would have figured huh?

My View: Had no clue Jeff Probst was a minister but I guess in hindsight it makes sense. He has expertly held tribal ceremonies for over 10 years and put hundreds of contestants out of the game with a snuffing of the torch accompanied by the iconic "The Tribe has spoken" mantra. Wedding ceremonies are a piece of cake compared to this. Way to go Jeff.

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