Sunday, July 25, 2010


ALl right I did my best to unearth the potential cast of S21 Nicaragua which starts this September and this is what I came up with. There are 9 men and 9 women and as I wrote before, the tribes will be split based on age. I touched on Jimmy Johnson, Holly Hoffman, and Kelly Bruno already. I haave posted the info that I know of the rest of the cast. I have most of their ages but am missing some of their locations and jobs. One thing I did notice is the high amount of people from California which makes sense since Survivor has now pretty much ignored applications to the show and instead focus on recruiting. Hence this is what we get.

Female Contestans

Holly Hoffman
Kelly Bruno
NaOnka Mixon-long jumper 27 from Los Angeles
Jane Bright-goat herder 50's
Yve Rojas-actress over 40
Kelly Shinn-dont know much on her
Brenda Lowe-former Miami Dolphins model and now works in TV-mid 20's
Alina Wilson-23 Downey CA....HOT!!!! thats all I got to say...babe of the season
Wendy Joe Desmidt-Kohlhoff-Army nurse 48

Male Contestants

Jimmy Johnson-former NFL Coach, FOX Sports Analyst 67
Judson Birza-model 22 Santa Monica CA
Matthew Lenahan-real estate professional mid 20's
Ben Henry-club promoter 23 Los Angeles CA
Marty Piombo-over 50
Danny Lembo-63 New York City-Brooklyn.....tough guy Italian
Shannon Elkins-30 sales rep
Chase Rice-25 musician Daytona Beach, FLA
Tyrone Davis-42 fire captain

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