Friday, July 30, 2010


Dr. Sean Kenniff got his fame on the very first season of Survivor Borneo when his idiotic alphabet stragetgy of voting out others resulting in a great deal of mockery and ill will being tossed his way. The neurologist with the hideous nipple ring did however finish in 5th place which is pretty good and served to be one of the more memorable players that year. You could say that colorful players like Sean helped Survivor to instantly become watchable and turn into the phenomena it is today.

Fame soon found Sean after Survivor concluded as he got a job as a medical correspondent for CBS News and went on a great many speaking tours touting his experiences on Survivor. That fame was fleeting however as chronicled in a new book Kenniff published title "Stop Effing Yourself: A Survivor’s Guide To Life’s Biggest Screw Ups." In the book Sean describes how he got into major trouble with IRS, lost his job with CBS, gained weight, had some health problems, and had disastrous relationships. At some point Sean decided enough was enough and he soon rebounded to get his life back in order. He became a gym rat dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He took care of his tax problems and met a woman. His life now firmly back on track, Kenniff is now looking to once again get back on television. The book can be found at most bookstores.

MY VIEW: I have to admit that the very first Survivor player I grew attached to and rooted for was Sean. He took a lot of crap in Borneo; some of it deserved, but overall I thought he was a likable player who tried his best. Yeah his alphabet strategy was idiotic (although he should have lied afterwards and said it really was a stragtegy for the other to piggy back on and ensure he was never going home) and lets not even talk about the nipple ring. Overall I thought he was good dude who I am surprised never made it back on the program. I wont read the book but I am glad he got his life back on track.

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