Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As yours truly first speculated months ago right here (go back and check....I will wait for you to come back), it appears that S22 (which is the second of back-to-back Nicaragua seasons) could be the Russell Hantz VS Boston Rob battle that we all have been waiting for. Sources that I have spoken to the last two days inform me that the talk is "legit" and that S22 is possibly the season where it will take place. Currently S21 is in its latter stages of filming and S22 will begin soon after that season finishes. Reps for both men have not commented yet but the talk is definately out there which is great for the show and its fans as last season's biggest feud will finally be settled.

MY VIEW: This to me is one of the best bit of news to come out of Survivor in awhile. As I wrote in a post a few weeks into Heroes VS Villains (go ahead and check if you haven't checked already), the Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz feud was awesome to watch and would have gone in Rob's favor if Tyson wasnt such an idiot. Now things will finally be settled and I cant wait to see how it unfolds. The only question I have is: how will this be structured? Will they be placed on the same tribes? Opposite tribes to start? In my opinion, they should be placed on the same tribe to start so it eliminates the possibility that one or the other will be voted out before they merge into the same tribe. Than what would be the point if that occured right? Either way this should be awesome to see and I will adress this on my radio show today!


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