Thursday, May 5, 2011


Honestly in all the years I have been watching Survivor, I dont think there has ever been a season where the winner based on merit has created as large a gap as possible to the next deserving participant. Boston Rob has turned this season into a clinic on how to play and win and in my opinion, it is the most dominant season to this point ever. Of course Rob has to close the deal and he made it through another week where he completed some unfinished business by voting out Andrea. So with only a handful of active players left, here is how they currently stack up.

1. Boston Rob: Rob had a shining Survivor moment this week by winning the immunity challenge in cutcheck fashion. He literally gave it everything he had and he thus still was able to keep his hidden immunity idol. Rob is this close to finally getting the title he so deserves.

2. Natalie: Rob's trusted sidekick is still standing right by his side and I cant see her stabbing him in the back. Its looking more and more like Rob has not poisoned the jury so she wont beat him in the end but if he does in fact get voted out of the game, she stands an excellent chance to winning.

3. Grant: Grant has had a very good season and been a monster in challenges. I am starting to wonder if he has the mind for the game because he really should be plotting to get Rob out but so far nothing. Another big time winning threat if he gets there without Rob.

4. Matt: This week I have decided to move up the Redemption Island people since we are getting close to the end of the game. Matt continues to defy the odds in the duels and honestly you cant not ignore the fact he actually is deserving of the money after going through all of this.

5. Mike: Mike is such a decent, classy guy that he should be given a million bucks as a consolation prize. This is the guy I hope takes it all if Rob goes.

6. Ralph: He is so annoying that I wish he would go already. To get mad at Mike for doing what he did tells you that Ralph has no sense of decency. There is nothing here to speak of as far as a winning combination.

7. Phillip: I have elevated Phillip this week for the sole fact that stranger things have happened in Survivor and in a head-to-head battle for a million bucks in a make believe world, I think he would get it over Ashley because she has been so useless. The crazy ride continues on.

8. Ashley: She has no chance in my book. She hasnt made any moves and has nothing going for her.

So thats how I see it. As always your opinions are welcome here.

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  1. Natalie stood an excelent chance of winning if Rob were voted out, LOL! The only way she could ever win is a F2 with Phillip, and even that she might lose. Grant also would have crushed Rob in a jury vote which is why Rob the coward fucked him over.