Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lets get the wrapup over with so we can get to the all important commentary you all are yearning to see.

Back at Murlonio, the final Ometepe five bask in their blinside of Andrea. Ashley starts talking confidently about things and she talks to Natalie about watching each other's backs. Natalie noted how she is caught between Rob and Ashley. Rob sees whats going on and asks her about it. Natalie fesses up and soon Rob is telling her to act like her best friend so they can get rid of Ashley.

We than go to the Redemption Island camp where Andrea walks in and greets the guys. Matt notes the awkwardness of the situation and she talks to him directly about how she thinks he hates her. They start getting into an argument in front of Mike and Ralph. Ralph comically doesnt allow he to sleep in his quarters as payback is in order.

The next day is duel day as the rest of Murlonio looks on. Andrea starts to cry as he looks on at the ones who voted her out. Mike, Ralph, Matt, and Andrea are instructed to use a handle to go through a maze. They than will use the handle to crack open puzzle pieces which they will put together in their effort to stay around. The top three stay in the game while the fourth goes to the jury. As always making a long challenge short, Mike, Matt, and Andrea all go through.

Back at camp, the tribe starts tallking about the food situation. They are not sure how much food to cook since they are getting low on grub. We than see Rob and Grant talking about Ashley and Grant talks about getting rid of her. Phillip on the other hand incites the girls and an argument ensues. Soon the situation gets crazy as Phillip starts screaming. It gets nasty as even Natalie starts screaming as well as Phillip taks about how they are kissing up to Rob and are using him for protection. Soon Rob goes and talks with Natalie and tells her to do what he says. He tells her as well that Grant wants her out and that he reminds her about the pledge he made to get her to the end of the game. Ashley meanwhile starts to talk about gettiing rid of a big player. That night she takes it to Rob and discusses getting rid of Grant. Rob quickly tells Grant about what was said and they vow to win the challenges from here on out to stay in control of the game.

The next day, the girls are hanging out again while the guy go to get tree mail. They find chopsticks in the tree mail and Ashley starts to talk about how pivitol this will be for her. Rob reiterates to her about how he has her back and soon they change the subject as Ashley comes back into where they area hanging out.

The challenge soon arrives as each tribe member is intructed about how they can win. Each member has to use a large fishhooks to grab puzzle pieces which they will complete in order to win immunity. The person who completes it first wins immunity and reward but the twist is that they have to do this with an arm tied behind their back. As always making a long challenge short, Ashley wins immunity and reward. She gets to pick two people to join her for the dinner and she wind up choosing Natalie.

Back at camp, Rob is annoyed that Ashley won immunity as he watches the girls celebrate. Rob than also realizes what must be done and thats to get Grant out. He tells Ashley and Natalie that Grant is the one to go. He also has to tell Phillip that they have to put up an act toward Grant so that he doesnt catch on. Soon we see Grant and Rob talking and the former talks about how Natalue has to be the one to go. Rob agrees with it but its a sham as he seems uncomfortable with what is going to take place. However Rob seems to be coming around as he sees how close Ashley and Natalie are when they eat the reward.

Soon the TC arrives and in order to not bore you with what is discussed, we see Grant get voted out by a tally of 4-1 with Natalie getting the other vote.

So we are getting down to the nitty gritty here on Survivor Redemption Island as its looking like the remaining four from Murlonio and the one returning player will battle it out for the million bucks. Its looking like a big fight to the finish as many of those still in the game can they that they deserve the money. No one has a better case than Rob however and the fact he has made it all the way to the end is a testament to how great a player he is. If Rob does in fact win this season, than I will strongly consider him as the best player ever, maybe even over Sandra Diaz-Twine who is the only two-time winner. Thats a post for another day however so lets stick to what is in front of us. First the vote:
-It was a very tough choice for Rob in the end here but he is clearly putting all his eggs in the Natalie basket. He pledged his loyalty to her from day 1 and he has followed through on that promise up to this point. Its looking like he will sink or swim with her by his side and the decision to oust Grant confirmed this. I have no issue with him voting out Grant because it would have looked worse if Rob backstabbed sweet, little old Natalie instead. This would have played badly for the older Zapatera jury members who would have felt for the kid and it also would have earned the wrath from close friend Ashley as well. So all in all it was the right move to make here. He also still has his hidden immunity idol which I would gather can only be used for one more TC since it never goes to the final four stage. So Rob is on the doorstep to greatness and he has got to be feeling incredibly anxious about this and scared as well. To come so far and not get it would be devastating. The key for Rob is that final four immunity challenge. He has the hidden immunity idol so it will ensure he gets to the final four but that is where he has to step up and win. If not than the other three will likely gang up on him and kick him off as they should do. It would be the slam dunk call to make in not letting Rob get into the finals as no one would be able to give a good enough of an argument that they should beat him for the dough. That is really what it will come down to here. We shall see.
-Now the Redemption Island thing is really confounding to me at this late stage. We still have four people over there and after a few weeks of three getting through, we will now have only 1 come out of that final challenge? Strange. I guess keeping as many people as possible still in the game was a wrinkle to throw in there to keep the rest of the other tribe members on edge but in the final analysis of things, I really didnt like this twist. I would be shocked to see it repeated.
-It truly is crazy....and I guess thats the perfect word....that Phillip has made it to the final episode. Here is hoping that he does make it to the final TC so that we can see him spar with the jury. That will be must see TV.
-Honestly I will feel so bad for Rob if he doesnt win this. He wants it so bad and you can just see it on his face. The rest of the people still in the Murloni camp owe everything to him as far as getting to this point in the game. Here is hoping we see the just ending that Survivor very rarely has given us lately.
-Andrea is so damn annoying. I couldnt believe how she started getting into it with Matt at Redemption Island. Stupid girl.
-Phillip's fight with Natalie and Ashley was great. What really was shocking was to see Natalie go back at him during it.
-Really my prediction is this for the final four: Rob, Matt, Natalie, Phillip. Final three will be Phillip, Matt, Natalie. This is just a hunch with nothing behind it.

Thats all for now folks. The finale is on Sunday and of course I will be bringing you all the coverage and info needed to finish off a very good season. The last episode will determine if this is an all-timer so be sure to tune in and decide in your head if it is.


  1. This was the move that won Rob a million dollars which I am sure would have gone to Grant otherwise. It also ended his friendship with Grant possibly forever. I hope it was worth it.

  2. The Zaps hated Natalie who they viewed nothing like sweet. They were probably much more upset for Grant being betrayed by his then good buddy Rob than they ever would have been for a little floater who just got so far riding Rob's dick, and who they were annoyed was even in the game so far. They would have felt no "bad for the kid" had she been voted out, and would have likely celebrated, especialy Julie, Ralph, who hated Natalie, and Mike and Matt who loved Grant. Of course that proves why game wise Rob made the better choice taking someone most of the jury hated who also played no game at all to the end vs someone they really liked.

    The group would also much rather have voted Matt out than Rob as Matt was 10 times the jury threat, but since if Rob had not won the final immunity it would probably mean Matt had, so it wouldnt matter.