Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: Survivor Canada Looking More and More Likely

As I first touched on a few weeks ago, Survivor creater Mark Burnett has expressed interest in stagin a cold weather version of the hit reality show in the coming years. "Survivor Canada" apparently is picking up more momentum as the Toronto Star has reported that Burnett has began surveying the landscape in an effort to determine if it truly is a feasible venture. No details have emerged about the type of setup needed but obviously it will require much more than a warm weather climate would.

MY VIEW: I stated before that I didnt think a cold weather Survivor would work and I stand by that view. For starters, a major appeal for the audience is seeing good looking people running around in skimpy bathing suits on a gorgeous beach setting. That would be a huge negative right there for Survivor Canada. Also how cold are we taling about???? Siberia cold??? or Vancouver cold? There is a big difference there and the big thing for me is that cold brings a whole new level of desperation and difficulty for contestants. It is much easier to deal with heat than cold and undoubtedly, contestans will think about withdrawing from the game more easily due to cold than they would in a hot climate. So all in all I dont think this will work. I think people will tune in at first out of curiosity since it is something new but overall it wont be a success.

What do you all think??? Would love to hear from opinions on this.

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