Monday, June 21, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris Receives Survivor China Immunity Idol

How I met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris recently turned 37 (how is it possible that Doogie Howser is that old) and in the process received a very special gift from CBS Survivor producer Mark Burnett: The Survivor China immunity idol. Harris posted a photo on his twitter account with the idol and claims that it was one of the coolest gifts he had ever received. Nice touch by Burnett.

My View: Its interesting that Survivor would decide on giving the idol to Harris among all the things they have on set. I guess the immunity idol is probably the coolest to give to someone but my only question is: Why the idol from China and not the one from Australia? or Borneo? Or one of the many from H VS V???? Would love to hear the reasoning regarding its selection.

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